How To Move Green In 5 Easy Steps

The negative impact our throwaway consumerism is highlighted in the news almost every day. Instagram influencers, bloggers and celebrities are using their social media presence exposure to promote healthier ways to eat, ethical ways to buy and highlighting environmental issues.  We are also becoming mindful of where our food comes from and where our products are purchased, and eventually where they end up. We are moving away from products and services churned out of unethical overseas factories, there is a positive swing to buying local and instead of dumping the trash, we separate and recycle where we can.

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How Your Home Can Help Your Family Live a Greener Life

If you are increasingly concerned about the environment, you are not alone. The unfortunate reality is that many families have huge carbon footprints and contribute substantially to the pollution problem. You may not realize it, but your home is one of the most significant sources of environmental waste, energy consumption and more than your family is responsible for. By making a few changes around the house, you can promote a greener family lifestyle and take steps to protect the environment.

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Going Green: Environment-Friendly Roofing for Every Nature-Loving Household

There’s been a growing concern over the ill effects of asphalt shingles, especially when it gets hot outside. Fortunately, healthier and greener options are now made available.

Living green is going on a whole new level. Not only will Mother Earth smile at these innovations, you’ll also smile at the price and durability of these green options. So the next time you’ll re-roof your house, better consider greener options over asphalt shingles.
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