4 Tips for Successfully Growing Your Own Food This Summer

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? We don’t mean what grocery store you buy it from or what meal delivery service you order from. We mean where it originates from. So much of our groceries start off in the soil, and you can embrace your inner farmer. These are four tips for successfully growing your own food this summer.

Find out What You Can Grow


You can’t just purchase a package of seeds and put them in the soil any time of year. You need to understand growing seasons and what crops can be grown in your area when. You also need to know how much time and water you’ll need. Don’t get too zealous too fast. Try to start out with some plants that are forgiving to gardening newbies, such as tomatoes.


Tend to It Regularly


A watched pot may never boil, but an untended crop will never grow. You need to be watering it regularly and monitoring its progress. Keep note of what kind of changes you’re seeing on a daily basis. Even if you don’t think anything is happening, you may be amazed by how much can change with consistent effort. The more you nurture your crops, the better your results will be.


Use Fertilizer


Soil should not be an afterthought of the planting process. The more nutrients your soil is receiving, the more your crop can thrive. Use an organic fertilizer that enriches your soil. This will help to bring out the absolute best in your crops, as you don’t have to subject your plants to hazardous chemicals. Plus, they’re biodegradable, allowing you to do your part for the environment.


Be Patient


Buying produce at the grocery store usually means thinking in the short-term. Fruits and vegetables have a limited shelf life, so you need to use them before they expire. However, growing your own food means thinking in the long-term. You might not have a 10-foot high tomato crop a day after planting your seeds, but if you’re persistent, you will have a crop that continues to provide you with nourishment. Give your plants time to thrive and know that your patience will eventually pay off.


It takes a lot of work and patience to grow your own food. However, when you see the first leaves start to sprout and you pick your favorite fruit or vegetable out of your own garden, you can be filled with pride. Find the right crop for your climate, and get to work on a plan for growing it this summer.

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