8 Tips You Can Use to Save Money on Groceries

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“Frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste.”  ~ Catherine Pulsifer


In 2020 if you are determined to stop living a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, then pay attention to the food category first.

Especially in the time of the corona pandemic, the more money you save in your bank account, the better for your financial life. You must have liquid cash in hand to survive an uncertain economic time. 

First, take a look at what Americans are spending on their grocery bills each month.

The Dave Ramsey survey says the average cost of grocery shopping for every American is $162 to $372. For married couples, grocery spending ranges from $372 to $773.

In a family of two kids, the monthly grocery bill may surge up to $1300 per month.

However, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, you cannot spend your hard-earned income like this each month.

You have to adopt new strategies and find simple ways to save money on your grocery and food bills.


“The habit of saving is itself an education, and so broadens the mind. ” ~ Thomas T. Munger

It is the opinion of intellectuals that money-saving habits have more virtues than vices. So, we have compiled selected 8 Tips on how you can save money on groceries. Let us discuss them one by one. 

Cut down on food waste.

To save money on groceries, what you should do first is cut down on food waste. Here, presenting some statistics enough for you to understand why Americans are global leaders in food wastage.

The rts.com report says Americans waste 40 million tons of food every year, and if you count it on a money basis, then it is $161 billion. So, stop this food waste habit now. It can save you money. 

Prepare your grocery list with patience. 

A grocery list will help you to remember what you need for your groceries. The grocery list will keep you away from buying anything randomly and wasting your money.

So, prepare your grocery list with patience and take a look first at what you need as grocery food in that week or month.  

Buy in bulk and sometimes pick what you need from the clearance racks. 

There are some food items like rice, grains, and dry fruits, which can give you 30% or more discounts when you buy them in bulk. It is an easy way to save money on groceries.

Other than the bulk-buying-trick, you can opt for the clearance-racks-trick. You may have noticed in the supermarket that they are selling some products at 50% off.

It is nothing but a marketing strategy. The supermarket is trying to clear its inventory to keep new products for sale.

Pick what you need intelligently from the clearance racks as you are getting them at 30% to 50% off. Just remember one thing, check the expiry date before buying groceries.

Switch to a cheaper brand to save money. 

Most of the grocery items that are sold in the supermarket are of the same nutrient components. What makes the difference in their price is the cost of advertising.  

Some brands spend millions of dollars on advertising. Some brands rely more on loyal consumers and word-of-mouth publicity. So, switching to a cheaper brand will help you to save some money. 

Get a credit card that gives cash back rewards on grocery shopping.

Several popular credit cards offer cashback when you purchase your grocery items by using the credit card.

You can take the example of the Bank of America Cash Reward Credit Card. It is currently giving you 3% cashback on your choice of purchases and especially 2% more on grocery buying.

Apart from the Bank of America Cash Reward Credit Card, there are other credit cards also who are giving such offers to you.

Use coupons as they are always better for grocery shopping.

Coupons are great for grocery shopping. Search coupon websites to get great deals on grocery shopping. For example, if you’re shopping at Target or other retailers, websites like Raise can help you find the best coupons. Check out here. Read the leaflets, pamphlets, posters, and advertisements kept in your grocery store. They will tell you what particular store is promoting today. 

Go for seasonal fruits and vegetables

Try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. It will take care of your physical health as well as your financial health.

See, if you buy a pomegranate around July, it will cost you more than the standard price, and it will not be as much nutrient or tasty as it will be around October or November.

So, it is better to go for seasonal vegetables and fruits. You can save some money and take care of your health also. 

Shop from a Local Farmers Market rather than from a Grocery Store 

You can buy seasonal fruits and vegetables from the Local Farmers Market instead of buying them from the Grocery Store.

The products you will get in the local farmers market are not stored in the warehouse. They are fresh, and their price is comparatively low if you compare them with supermarket prices.

So, you can buy seasonal vegetables and fruits from the local farmer’s market instead of from supermarket chains.

Apply these eight simple but calculated strategies while you are going grocery shopping. These eight strategies are good enough to save some dollars, which is very much essential for you amid the sudden financial crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Deprive yourself on nothing necessary… but live in an honorable simplicity and frugality.”John McDonough

We are going through financial turmoil, and millions of Americans have lost their jobs. A simple and frugal lifestyle could save the day for you.

If you are thinking about making cuts to your grocery bill, then think about your debts too. Debts with high-interest rates are not at all good for your financial health. So, take financial experts’ help as they can guide you on how to save money and pay off debt. 

That is why financial veterans say neither overspending nor debt is good for your health. Try to curtail your unnecessary food bills as well as pay off your debts as fast as you can by taking expert guidance.

What else?

As you have read before, we Americans waste nearly 161 billion dollars every year on food wastage. If you adopt these eight simple money-saving tips on your grocery, then you can save more money, and meet your financial goals faster. Even you know how money has suddenly become so essential to tackle the COVID situation. So, save some money on groceries and meet your financial goals quickly.

Contributed by Valentina Wilson

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