8 Tips You Can Use to Save Money on Groceries

“Frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste.”  ~ Catherine Pulsifer

In 2020 if you are determined to stop living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, then pay attention to the food category first.

Especially in the time of the corona pandemic, the more money you save in your bank account, the better for your financial life. You must have liquid cash in hand to survive an uncertain economic time. 

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5 Tips for Making Grocery Runs with Young Ones Go Faster

For parents, the idea of bringing a young child to the grocery store can be daunting. You want to make grocery visits as short and bearable as possible. Young children can get easily restless, which can make grocery trips very exhausting. Here are five tips for making grocery runs with young ones go faster.

Don’t Go When It’s Crowded

There are busy hours for grocery stores that you should avoid. Weekend afternoons are when grocery stores are teeming with customers. All this stimulation could make your child all the more likely to become distracted. Instead, you should go at times such as weekday afternoons and evenings, when there’s much less activity going on. Plus, there also be fewer crowds, meaning you can make it through the aisles faster.

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A Kitchen on Course: 5 Ways to Stock Your Kitchen for Healthier Meals

Committing to a healthier diet is tough if your kitchen is full of calorie-dense foods, but knowing what to stock when making a health overhaul can be just as tough. Keeping fresh ingredients and preparing every meal can seem exhausting, but with the proper know-how, you easily begin making healthier meals.

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Trolley Bags Make Shopping a Breeze #Review

Trolley Bags Make Shopping a Breeze!

Don’t leave home without ’em!

I love it when you get a product that changes the way you do things, for the better.  One of my most detestable jobs as a wife/mom is being in charge of pretty much all of the shopping; groceries, clothing, home repairs, you name it and I’ve probably had to go shopping for it.  I see no need whatsoever to make a hundred trips back and forth to the car to unload said items.  I will load my arms down with bags until the feeling is gone and my arms resemble noodles.  Trolley Bags has changed the way I shop (and unload my car 🙂 ) !


“Trolley Bags are four different sized bags, connected together with Velcro along the integrated rails can be placed open and upright in the shopping trolley, allowing you to pack and sort groceries with 2 hands as they are scanned through the checkout, halving the time it takes at the supermarket”


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