6 Most Effective Ways to Clean Venetian Blinds

Contributed by David Koller

They keep the sun out of our eyes and give us so much needed privacy, and though they are super handy, Venetian blinds are tricky when it comes to cleaning. Though they seem too complicated to maintain at times, all you really need is a useful way to make them shine. No matter how often you tend to clean them and what material your Venetian blinds are made from, we have listed effective ways for cleaning each and every one of them.

1.     Cloths or gloves

For a more regular dust cleaning, microfiber cloths are all you need to keep your Venetian blinds at the top of their game. If you like dusting off your blinds more frequently, you may need nothing more than the cloth but you can also use microfiber gloves or even old socks. However, for some better scrubbing, you might need to use some water with your gloves or if you prefer the socks you should also use some cleaning supplies as well.

2.     Use a duster

Another way to do a lighter cleaning of your Venetian blinds is to use a duster. First association is usually a feather duster, but more effective ones are quite expensive like those made from ostrich feathers. Remember that feather dusters are not the only ones of their kind. Wool dusters, for example, seem to be just as good at collecting dust, and they can be used on all types of blinds, no matter the material. Of course, just like cloths, there are also microfiber dusters, which are always a good choice.

3.     Get the vacuum cleaner

If you mean business, a vacuum cleaner is the choice for you. You can use it instead of a duster, a glove or cloth and quickly get rid of the grime. The best way is to put on the brush part on your vacuum so as not to scratch your blinds while vacuuming them.

4.     Spray them

The previous tips are about the regular clean-up and blinds that are not in such a surroundings as to get really dirty and greasy, like in the kitchen. A Blue Mountains based company advices to use water and cleaning spray while cleaning with a cloth, for better results.

5.     Make a DIY cleaning stray

If you prefer to avoid using chemicals, you can make your own cleaning spray. It is a safer option, especially around children and pets, and all you have to do is mix the blend yourself. One recipe includes mixing up 2 cups of water, 1 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of essential oils like basil and lemon. Your blend will smell just as good and be much safer and cheaper.

6.     Hose them (not for wooden blinds)

You dust the blinds, you spray and scrub them, but they might still need some more attention. It is hard to clean thoroughly while your blinds are in a vertical position and you are trying not to mess up your windows while doing it. The solution is to take your blinds down and take them outside to clean them. Place your blinds on the ground and hose them. The water pressure should get rid of any kind of grime, but if it doesn’t shampoo the blinds and hose them again. Repeat the process on the other side.

If you cannot clean your blinds outside, you can either soak them in your bathtub or hose them with your showerhead. Keep in mind that this part of the process isn’t for wooden blinds!


Cleaning is the necessity of life, so find the way which works for you. In order to tend for wooden blinds or to escape frequent deep cleanings, dust your blinds as often as possible. This might not help with your blinds if they are in the kitchen, but you can treat them with a cloth and a cleaning spray, a bought one or the one you made yourself.


Bio: David Koller is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.

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