How Mothers Can Slowly Transform Their House into a Dream Home

As a mother, you want the best environment for your family. You might also want that home environment to be more of a dream house at times instead of just a home with the basics inside. With a bit of planning, here are a few ideas that you can use to transform your simple house into a dream home with a number of amenities.

Getting Cozy

A fireplace allows for staying warm and offers a way to get cozy while reading a book, watching a movie or just sleeping on the couch. One way to enhance the fireplace is to create seating that is built in so that you can get closer to the fire. This idea works best with electrical fireplaces. Another idea for a fireplace if you have a bathroom connected to the bedroom is to install the amenity between each room. If possible, design the rooms so that they share the fireplace instead of a wall, keeping both spaces warm.

Laundering Away

When you have children, you’re going to spend a good bit of time in the laundry room. Transform your typical laundry area that includes a washer and dryer to a space that has everything in one room for pre-washing to folding. Install counters that are used for laying clothes out to treat stains and as an area to fold clothes. You can also install baskets for all of the clothes that are folded so that family members can easily get what’s theirs after the laundry is finished.

Letting Nature Inside

Bring a touch of nature inside the home with accordion doors and windows. They open like an accordion to make it feel more like the entire wall is gone instead of just a door being open to allow fresh air inside. Install the doors and windows near a deck or patio as a way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Vent Installation

You’ve probably been walking through the home only to find that your feet are a different color than when you started the day. For an ideal dream home that cuts down on the amount of dust that you see and feel on the floor, install vents that will pick up the dust when they are turned on during the day. They act in a manner similar to a vacuum cleaner, but you can’t tell that they are on until you walk on the floor and don’t have dirt on your feet.

Added Kitchen Space

There’s always times when you’re making snacks for the kids, making meals for the family and entertaining. Your kitchen should have the space that you need, but it should be in a manner that is modern and decorative.

Install drawers that slide out from under the cabinets so that you have more storage space in the room. You can also add sliding racks in small spaces that aren’t large enough for a bigger cabinet. An open shelving system is also an idea for more space, allowing you to display the beautiful dishes and glasses that you use in the kitchen that visitors might not see all the time. You can find more kitchen inspiration by checking the Twitter feed of Rules of Renovation.

Playing Away

If you have stairs in the home, then transform the space above the stairs to a playroom. This works best in smaller homes where there’s more of an empty space at the top of the staircase. Start by ensuring that the floor is sturdy and supported underneath. Then, start painting and decorating to create a playroom so that the kids have somewhere to go on a rainy day, after school or when they don’t want to stay in their bedrooms.

Turning your house into a dream home can be achieved in many ways. Think about what your dreams are in a house so that you can complete the designs that you enjoy. If you’re happy with the amenities that are in the house, then it will be a dream come true.

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    1. Thanks for the insight Kristin! That’s a wonderful idea! I’ve seen some homes that have two laundry rooms – one of which was attached to the master bedroom. Something like that would be so neat!

  1. These are some great tips for slowly making your home your ultimate dream house! I don’t own my own house yet, but plan on it soon. Thank you so much for sharing!

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