Signs Your Furnace Isn’t Getting Enough Air Flow

Homeowners depend on their HVAC systems to keep their homes comfortable and to provide trouble-free operations. However, over time, systems can develop a number of problems that lead to poor function and higher energy bills. Poor airflow can lead to a number of problems. Here are a few signs your furnace is not providing the airflow it should for good operation.

No or Weak Air Coming from Vents

One of the first signs you may notice about poor airflow in your system is weak air coming from the air vents. This poor function may vary from one room to another. In some cases, you may not be able to feel any air at all coming from the vent.

Your HVAC contractor can provide a repair to help your system function more efficiently or can offer a new, more efficient system in your home with professional furnace installation.

Pressure Imbalances

Poor airflow can also result in pressure variations in the home. Problems with air pressure can be suspected when you notice drafty areas in your home and strange whistling noises in your home. Furnace air must mix with normal room air to warm a room, and when the airflow is uneven, pressure problems affect the room comfort. Your HVAC contractor can clean and adjust your furnace for better performance and function.

Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Varying warm and cool spots in your home can be a frustrating problem. In the bedroom, you may be perfectly comfortable, but the living may be cold and unpleasant to use. This is a sign that the airflow from your furnace is inadequate. You should have a contractor look into the problem to help you enjoy more even temperatures throughout your home.

Moisture on Windows

If you notice moisture droplets on your windows, it may be because your furnace system is not moving enough air through your home. Damp air in your home can result in problems with mold and mildew growth and deterioration of construction materials. Proper airflow from your furnace can help deter moisture problems in your home and will provide a healthier environment.

A poorly functioning furnace system can cause troublesome variations in temperature throughout your home and higher costs for energy. You can avoid these problems by having your system inspected regularly, so needed repairs or replacement can be done to maintain a good comfort level in your home.

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  1. When you mentioned that having cold or hot spots in your home may be a sign of a furnace problem, I remember something like this happening a few days ago. My kids were arguing about why their room was so cold when we swore we had the furnace on, but my wife and I didn’t notice anything wrong. I’ll have an HVAC expert stop by and check that furnace out before we use it again.

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