7 Cleaning Hacks For a Cleaner and Healthier Home

Guest post contributed by Julia Writer

Sometimes we do so much to decorate our homes but fail to maintain the charm by not cleaning everything properly. Not knowing the right home cleaning hacks can be the reason for finding home cleaning difficult. Following are some amazing cleaning hacks you should apply in your home from now on:

1. Lemon Juice for Cleaning the Microwave

Very often we try cleaning microwave the normal way and find it difficult. But using a bowl of water and lemon juice can be good enough to clean your microwave in real quick time. Lemon juice in an excellent stain remover. You can use lemon to clean a cutting blade as well.

2. Baking Soda for Kitchen Sink Cleaning

Keeping the kitchen sink clean and sparkly is can be a tiresome job at times without knowing a simple trick. Baking soda works like a magic in cleaning your kitchen sink. Without baking soda, you might try so hard but it won’t ever be as clean as it can be if cleaned with baking soda. Use of baking soda can remove all the grease marks and hard-water deposits without many efforts. You can use baking soda to clean any silver.

3. Black Tea For Cleaning The Mirror

You may be planning to change the mirrors in your house as they all look old with multiple marks on them. Before you replace them, prepare a cup of black tea and clean the mirrors with a lint-free cloth or an old newspaper. Black tea contains tannic acid which perfect works as a cleaning agent.  

4. Baking Soda And Vinegar To Unclog Drains

It feels bad every time a drain gets clogged in our houses. You may have tried many formulas but nothing works as quickly as you want. No worries. Use a combination of vinegar and baking soda to unclog the drain to save your time and money.

5. Use a Pillowcase to Clean Ceiling Fans

Cleaning ceiling fans can be messy. As you clean the fan, all the dirt fall below and you need to clean that again. But if you simply put each blade in a pillowcase and clean the blade, the dirt remains within the pillowcase and you clean the pillowcase later without a lot of effort. You can use any plastic bag of the size of a pillowcase to use for the same purpose.

6. White Rice To Clean Coffee Grinder

Running a handful of white rice grains through an empty grinder is a great way to remove stale odors and trapped coffee grounds. Simply toss the rice and wide the grinder clean.

7.  Use Salt To Clean Your Iron

You may never have tried this method! Yes, use normal salt on your ironing board without the steam option on. The dirt on your iron will stick to the salt and you can easily clean the iron afterward.


These are simple but useful house cleaning hacks you can use and get wonderful results. But once or twice a year, hire house cleaning services from professional cleaning service providers like Cleaning Pros to make everything in your home look like new. Find more useful hacks on Viral Life Hacks.


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  1. I love the tip to clean the coffee grinder with rice! I was wondering how I was supposed to get all the gunk out! There’s some really great tips here, but this one stood out to me because I was just recently wondering how to get mine clean!

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