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Since COVID-19 hit the country, traveling abroad is pretty much out of the picture for the rest of the year and for much of next year. Flying on an airplane is even a risk that some may not want to take. Nonetheless, there are plenty of beautiful road trip options in the U.S. Southern states, like Florida, give us the warm tropical weather we’re craving as winter is creeping in for most of us. Or on the flip side, states in the northeast house the Appalachian Mountains, and states along the Rocky Mountains give us awesome skiing and snowboarding opportunities. So what trendy clothes should we pack for travel fashions this season?  

Snowbirds Heading for Warmer Climates

Winter can make us ache for the fun of summertime. Heading to warm beaches and the Florida Keys is a great escape. When you’re traveling far from home, you want to bring the essentials. You’ll need comfy clothes for relaxing and winding down after a long day of activities and trendy pieces that you can wear out on the town. It can be hard to pack light when you want to be totally prepared and have options while traveling, but hopefully, these tips on shopping for women’s casual clothing online will keep your suitcase from busting open. 

Warm Weather Tops

For warm weather, you can always bet you’ll need tank tops and some cute graphic tees for shirts. If it’s going to get a little chilly out, you can layer these items with a cardigan, a casual hoodie, or a sweatshirt. A couple of nice dresses or rompers are also key items for sightseeing, shopping, and going out to eat. This year, animal prints and floral patterns are trending, so feel free to get a little flashy. Playful patterns and bright colors are always a welcoming sight when you’re traveling to a warm-weather paradise.

Beachy Bottoms 

Shorts and skirts are the perfect warm-weather bottoms to mix and match with the tanks and graphic tees you packed. When you’re feeling sassy, go for short shorts and mini skirts. When you want a very relaxed and casual approach, a longer pleated or flowy skirt will make you feel comfortable in any situation. If you’re focused on staying casual yet fashionable for the whole trip, a pair of sneakers and a pair of fancy sandal flats along with a hand bag will be all you need to pair with these outfits. No matter where you travel, the perfect Everyday Tote bag is a must have accessory. You’ll need something trendy yet comfy to carry your essentials in while being out all day. 

On the otherhand, if you’re planning on hitting up the clubs in a sexy dress, you’ll also want to pack a pair of heels to top off your outfit for evenings out.

Hitting the Slopes

Whether you’re headed north for a ski trip, going ice fishing with friends, hiking in beautiful frosted valleys, or want to get away to a secluded cabin in the mountains, you’ve got to pack just right for winter wonderland weather. The trick is to find styles that provide both on-point trends and toasty comfort. Otherwise, you’ll look fashionably foolish when you’re freezing out in the cold weather.

Comfy Cold Weather Tops

First off, you’ll want a good coat. Since this is the one thing you’ll be wearing outside the whole trip, you better make it a good one. This year, parkas with real down stuffing and wool petticoats with fanciful buttons are a great choice. Choose neutral colors so you can easily pair them with anything you plan on wearing underneath. As for shirts, we’re fans of the go-to sweater. Oversized sweaters can wrap you in pure cozy comfort, and slim-fitting sweaters can feature all sorts of colors and unique knitting patterns to ramp up the style. You can always layer your sweater on top of lightweight shirts, too.

Bottoms & Snow Accessories  

If you’re set on wearing a skirt or dress, you’ll need a pair of leggings in black or grey. They’ll help keep you warm and look great when paired with short or tall boots. When traveling, soft, wide-leg pants are an excellent choice. They’re dressy enough to be worn out anywhere, yet comfy enough to relax around the fireplace. When you’re headed outside, you’re definitely going to need matching headwear, gloves, and a scarf or neckwarmer. Make sure you have a light and heavy pair of gloves and look for ones that have touch screen fingertips so you can use your cell phone. Infinity scarves are popular this year, too. Just loop them around your neck, and they will never unravel and fall off. Neckwarmers can double as a face mask for entering stores during this pandemic time. 


Pack just the essentials, but make sure you prepare for every type of weather your weather app is calling for in the area. That way you’ll cover your bases, feel comfortable, and look stylish on your trip. Don’t forget your fashionable face mask and hand sanitizer to stay safe while you’re traveling! 


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