Helping An Anxious Child To Handle Long Car Journeys

Some children are more anxious than others, and so it is up to parents to ensure they take a personalized approach when dealing with each child and the things that can trigger their anxiety. Car journeys are often troublesome for anxious kids, and this article will offer some help and advice to parents who want to get from A to B without having to pull over ten times or deal with lots of tantrums. As you will discover, the best strategy usually involves developing a distraction technique.

Don’t travel right after eating

Some children tend to have delicate stomachs, and that situation can become intensified when they travel. For that reason, it does not make sense to have a meal right before you climb into the car. That will increase the chances that your kids will become travel sick, and that will make the experience even more stressful for everyone involved. You’d be forgiven for thinking feeding the kids would help them to sleep during the journey. However, that is unlikely to happen due to their anxiety. So, just take some snacks along for the trip.

Download some smartphone games

There are thousands of smartphone games out there that you could download to your phone. You can then hand it over to your little ones if they become stressed and agitated during a lengthy commute. You can download and play Final Fantasy XV as well as endless other titles for next to nothing, and that strategy is sure to distract your kids, even if it’s just for a little while. For the best results, choose interactive and educational games that make your kids use their brains.

Listen and sing to music

Nothing takes someone’s mind off a car journey better than music. If you don’t do it at the moment, now is the time to fill your car with CDs so you can sing your hearts out while driving to your destination. Singing helps to lift everyone’s mood and ensure the kids feel excited. It should take their mind off the stresses of traveling, and it will encourage them to bond with you. Who knows? Maybe that’s the first step towards starting a family choir or something similar? Stranger things have happened.

Now you know how to help your kids and ensure they don’t become too anxious or stressed during long car journeys; you should have a better time out on the roads. However, if your child has extreme anxiety related to travel, it is sensible to take them to see the doctor. There are some talking therapies that can help kids to lose their fears and engage with the world in the same way as their friends.

Avoid all forms of medication because that does not solve anything. Regardless of what you might read online, drugging your kids is not a sensible move, and staying at home is better than doing that to get your little ones in the car.

Have a brilliant trip the next time you go away for the weekend!

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