Remind Me: 3 Home Maintenance Tasks to Keep on Your Calendar

As the seasons change, it is important to take the opportunity to inspect the condition of your home and to complete various tasks. There are many tasks that must be completed seasonally for the optimal care of your home, and you may consider adding them to your calendar so that you do not overlook them from season to season. These are some of the more critical seasonal home maintenance tasks that you should complete regularly.

Check the Roof

The unique position of your roof across the top of your home means that it absorbs the brunt force of Mother Nature. This includes being impacted by intense heat, UV rays, strong winds, hail, heavy rain, ice and more. Regardless of the season, the roof could be damaged substantially. In some cases, the damage is obvious. Because some damage may not be visible at first glance, it is important to carefully inspect the roof with each passing season. Schedule a professional roofing inspection for your personal safety when completing this task.

Schedule Septic Service

Your septic system is used daily, and it requires regular attention. Pumps may require service for optimal functionality, and filters may need to be cleaned or changed. In addition, anti-bacterial agents may need to be added to the system to keep it functioning well. You also need to periodically pump out the septic tank. Because of the importance of regularity with regards to the care of your septic tank, scheduling regular septic service to be completed at specified intervals is important.

Inspect the Plumbing Features

Your plumbing system is also used regularly and requires periodic care. Any pipes that are exposed on your property should be reviewed closely for signs of a leak. Inspect all interior walls for signs of water damage or mold growth. These may indicate a possible pipe leak. You can also review the yard to look for unexplainable puddling. After taking these steps, inspect the water heater, faucets, and other features to ensure that they are working well. Contact a plumber for repair service if you notice anything unusual.

You can see that each of these steps is essential for proper home care and maintenance, but they are also easy to overlook or to procrastinate on. Delaying in these areas can potentially result in serious property damage. A smart idea is to add these to-do items to your personal calendar at regular quarterly intervals so that you remember to complete them as needed.

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