Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor to Have Your Roof Fixed

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to redesign your home, or if your roof was damaged, having your roof fixed is an important aspect of ensuring your home’s stability. After all, the phrase “having a roof over your head” doesn’t just simply you have a home… it should be literally correct as well. A proper roof over your head can ensure that the interior of your house is protected from various external elements that can damage or ruin your house’s interior, especially when it comes to furniture and appliances.

If you can see things you can remedy in terms of your home’s roof, perhaps it’s a good idea to hire a roofing contractor to have your roof fixed. These contractors may have the expertise and the skills you need to ensure your roof is fixed in no time at all.

Of course, when it comes to home improvement, hiring a roofing contractor may be easier said than done. It can get tricky when it’s your first time hiring a roofing contractor, or if it’s been a while since you last hired one to fix your roof. This means even before you get to hire a roofing contractor, it’s important to understand that there are standards and considerations you have to factor in before you say “yes” to the services of a roofing contractor you’ve met. This is especially true nowadays when various external factors such as climate change and weather conditions can quickly affect the integrity of your roof.

According to Zillow, having a good roof is an excellent investment for your home. There’s definitely the desire to make the roof one of the most attractive parts of the home, but there’s also a lot of ways your roof’s condition impacts the rest of your home: its resale value, how wind-resistant your home is, how fire-safe it is, how leak-free your home is, and whether or not your roof will last 20 or 30  more years.

While it’s tempting to immediately get all the materials you need and re-do that roof immediately, it’s important to consider hiring a roofing contractor first. They are the ones who can judge your roof’s needs depending on a wide variety of things, such as local building codes, house style, and even the climate.

Get Referrals from Family, Friends, Colleagues

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to meet a good roofing contractor is to use referrals. Try to ask people you know if they know any roofing contractors they can recommend to you, and how exactly did that contractor perform for them. Your family, friends, and colleagues know you best, which means they may be able to suggest someone who is par for the course.

This referral doesn’t even have to be from family, friends, and colleagues. If you know a neighbor or someone from your block who got their roof fixed, you can ask them if they have a recommendation for you. If you go to your local hardware store or lumber yards, you may also ask for a recommendation if they have one.

Referrals will most likely bring you to the right  contractor for the job, given they are recommended by people who were satisfied with their experience.

Do Your Research

Of course, referrals alone won’t cut it when it comes to finding a good roofing contractor. Before you contact any of your referrals, try looking up for same services online in order to get a list you can choose from. After getting both your referrals and your online list together, you can check on them and the kinds of services they offer.

You can more or less check on the kind of work they do by checking up on them online. Try to verify their email, phone number, and business address. Try to see how long they’ve been in the business, if they’re licensed and insured, and try to run a credit check when possible. Do they have a website you can see, especially one that demonstrates previous work for you to assess? Try to check for legitimate comments or reviews on their sites.

Get to Know the Contractor

Once you have your ideal roofing contractors on hand, try to schedule a meeting with them for you to get to know them better. This meeting will also allow you to give them a rough idea on what you want accomplished and what they can offer. If these contractors visit your home, they may more or less be able to discuss the work that needs to be done, the amount of manpower and time you may need to invest in, and the materials to be used.

  • Try to assess your roofing contractor, especially whether or not they appear honest, professional, and knowledgeable on the subject matter they are dealing with.
  • Try your best to ask questions about the methods they’re proposing.
  • Get references from them and check them.

Get Everything in Writing

Before you hire a roofing contractor, make sure everything you’ve agreed upon is in writing. Try to get a contract signed that has details of every aspect of the job you want them to do. This ranges from the materials they will get for your roof, to the installation and warranty guidelines, and guarantee of workmanship.

Try to make sure this contract also covers things like:

  • when work should start and finish
  • how many workers should be at your home at any given time
  • how will they clean up
  • liability and safety procedures
  • schedule and costs

If there’s anything the above considerations have taught us, it’s that hiring a roofing contractor to have your roof fixed is not a matter of just calling for a pizza delivery or going to a fast food restaurant. Roofing contractors St. Louis must be screened properly, the same way you screen other service providers, be it for electricity, pest control, architecture, engineering, or other elements of your house you may want to get checked.


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