5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied While on a Plane

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Traveling with children can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you are on a long flight. Keeping kids entertained and occupied during a flight is crucial to ensuring a smooth journey for everyone. The key is to be prepared with a variety of engaging activities that will capture their attention and make the time fly.

1. Create a Personalized Activity Kit

Before embarking on your journey, put together a personalized activity kit for each of your kids. Tailor it to their interests and preferences. This includes coloring books, crayons, stickers, and small toys to keep them entertained. Additionally, consider adding a travel journal where they can document their experiences and draw pictures of the places they visit. This keeps them occupied while encouraging creativity and observation skills. To add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the activity kit, introduce them to some of the best Apple Arcade puzzle games. These interactive puzzles will engage their minds and provide hours of fun, especially when there is no Wi-Fi or internet connection on the plane. They can solve puzzles, strategize, and compete, all within the confines of their own personal entertainment kit.

2. Bring Interactive Books

Books are a fantastic way to spark your child’s imagination and keep them engrossed during a long flight. Opt for interactive books that include pop-ups, lift-the-flap features, or touch-and-feel elements. These books can make reading even more enjoyable for young ones and capture their attention for an extended period. Moreover, reading interactive books together can be a bonding experience for you and your kids. Take turns reading aloud, and discuss the story, characters, and illustrations. This interactive approach will not only entertain them but also nurture their language and communication skills. Don’t forget to pack their favorite storybooks, as familiarity with the content will make them eager to read or listen to the stories.

3. Play Travel-Friendly Games

Engaging in travel-friendly games is an excellent way to pass the time while keeping your kids entertained and mentally stimulated. Classic games like “I Spy,” where they have to spot objects within the airplane or outside the window, can be entertaining and interactive. Encourage them to be observant and curious about their surroundings, turning the airplane into a fun playground of discovery. Another enjoyable game to consider is storytelling. Each family member takes turns adding a sentence to create an imaginative tale. This activity encourages creativity and family bonding while making the flight more enjoyable for everyone. Encourage your kids to think outside the box and come up with quirky and exciting plot twists, leading to a unique and captivating story.

4. Explore the In-Flight Entertainment

Most airlines nowadays offer in-flight entertainment systems with a wide array of movies, TV shows, and games suitable for children. Allow your kids to explore these options and choose what interests them the most. They might find their favorite animated movies or discover new games to play. While in-flight entertainment can be a great way to keep them occupied, it’s essential to monitor the content they are exposed to and ensure it aligns with your family’s values. Take the opportunity to watch educational shows or documentaries together, sparking curiosity about the world and promoting learning even during the journey.

5. Engage in Snack Time and Mini Picnics

Food can be a great source of comfort and entertainment for kids during a flight. Pack a variety of their favorite snacks and treats to enjoy during the journey. Furthermore, consider organizing in-flight mini picnics using the foldable tray table. Involve your kids in creating their snacks, such as assembling their own sandwiches or creating fun fruit skewers. These activities keep them engaged while adding a touch of excitement to their dining experience. You can play games like “Guess the Flavor” or “Rate the Snacks” to make snack time more interactive and enjoyable. Engaging with food in this manner also teaches them about choices, flavors, and even a bit of math as they rate their treats.


Keeping your kids busy and content during a flight is essential for a pleasant travel experience. By creating personalized activity kits, exploring interactive books, and utilizing in-flight entertainment wisely, you can make your plane journey enjoyable for the entire family, creating lasting memories along the way.


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