Beauty Sleep Is Real, and Here’s How to Fuel Up

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so by now, you may consider yourself a master of sleep. While it’s true that you’ve slept a lot, are you sure you’re getting beauty sleep?

You may initially roll your eyes at the idea of beauty sleep, seeing it as a cliché that doesn’t have much evidence to back it up. In reality, the physically restorative power of sleep has been studied extensively, and the verdict is in: beauty sleep is very real.

What Is Beauty Sleep, Really?

Beauty sleep refers to the restorative process of getting plenty of sleep at night coupled with great sleep hygiene habits. It’s the process that our cells undergo overnight to repair themselves from the previous day’s wear and tear.

Beauty sleep is also mentally restorative. You can probably recall a time before an exam or a big meeting at work when a loved one or peer told you to stop preparing and just go to bed. This is because our brains need quality sleep to function. Without it, we can’t recall the information we’ve been working to retain.

When our brains are functioning properly, it becomes easier to maintain a good mood. While this is obviously good for our mental health, it can also be great for our physical appearance (hence, beauty sleep). After all, we tend to smile more and develop a “glow” when we feel rested and in good spirits.

So, how do we claim more of this precious resource? Below, we discuss some techniques for getting as much beauty sleep as possible.

4 Beauty Sleep Habits That Work

Everyone has their own strategy for getting quality sleep, but there are a few tried and true tactics that will help you wake up and smile at your reflection. Here are a few of them:

  • Set hydration goals. Getting enough water doesn’t just benefit your immune system and energy levels — it also gives your skin healthy color and shine. If you struggle to drink plenty of water throughout the day, try setting a daily hydration goal that increases bit by bit every week.
  • Swap your phone for a book at bedtime. As tempting as it is to get one last peek at your social media feed or watch one more show before bed, phones, and sleep don’t go well together. Not only does blue light disrupt sleep patterns, but our phones are filled with stimuli that get our brains excited. To calm your brain before bed, try reading a book instead.
  • Write a to-do list for tomorrow. Anxiety about the next day can keep us tossing and turning deep into the night. It can also induce nightmares, which makes for a less restful sleep. Keep your anxieties at bay by putting pen to paper, writing out all of tomorrow’s worries, and coming up with a plan for tackling them.
  • Practice good bedtime hygiene. What does your bedtime routine look like? It’s important to remember that whatever is on your skin during the day will stay on your skin overnight unless you wash it off. Consider washing your face and using a moisturizer every night to clean your skin and keep it hydrated overnight.

It’s okay if it takes some time to figure out your nightly routine. With a little trial and error, you’ll develop one that helps you realize your beauty sleep goals.

If you appreciated the above tips and are interested in learning more, take a look at the infographic below, courtesy of Tommy John.

The Benefits of Beauty Sleep & How to Get More


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