Essentials to Start Cycling

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Since many people are taught how to cycle at a young age, it is assumed that no adult needs to think about how to start the process of cycling. Perhaps you have a loose grasp of how to stay balanced and in motion but have rarely taken your bike on a proper journey, or maybe you would like to cycle more often to help the environment or improve your health. Whatever your reasons, here are a few essentials you will need when getting ready to start cycling.

A good bike

The first and most obvious essential you will need before you even think about starting to cycle is a bike. There are plenty of variations to choose from depending on your needs. If you intend to use your bike for city commutes, a road bike, folding bike, or electric bike might be best. If you would prefer to take your bike onto rougher terrain, like the hills or on trails, you may prefer the sturdiness of a mountain bike. Take a look at the range on offer at Steed Bikes to get inspired. If you are completely new to cycling, you might find that perusing different types of bikes will help to clarify your reasons for cycling in the first place. Ask any friends or family who already cycle regularly about which type of bike they would recommend for your purposes.

Safety gear

Cycling can be potentially dangerous, especially if you plan to cycle on roads with cars and other large vehicles. To keep yourself as safe as possible, you will need to invest in high-quality safety gear. This includes a helmet that fits your head properly and has the appropriate safety certification, as well as lights at the front and back of the bike. You will also need a bell or other sound signal on your bike to alert others of your whereabouts. Reflective clothing is also highly recommended since car drivers can easily overlook a cyclist in low lighting.

A simple route

It is best not to throw yourself into the deep end when first starting your cycling journey. This means choosing a route that is relatively quiet and easy. Busy roads, steep hills, rough terrain, and distances that are too long should be avoided for first-time cyclists since they pose a greater risk. Instead, find somewhere familiar and flat where you can enjoy cycling and grow more confident.

Security gear

Bikes are rarely cheap pieces of equipment so it is understandable that you will want to keep yours safe and secure when not in use. In order to do this effectively, you will need a strong bike lock that you can use when leaving your bike out in public. Also, have somewhere secure to keep your bike at home, either in your home or a garage. Bikes are frequently stolen, so be vigilant about protecting yours.


Learning to cycle can be a challenge, so any beginner will need plenty of determination and motivation to push through and truly enjoy cycling. The effort and difficulty are worth it for the freedom that cycling offers.

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