7 Great Career Options For Those With Marketing Degrees

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Marketing professionals are responsible for making you spend money even when you didn’t know you had to. That’s what individuals with a marketing degree do. They increase the demand for products and services by representing them in a way that customers are willing to pay. 

One of the best things about majoring in marketing is that it opens doors to a whole new world where you can take on countless roles, from media planning to sales representative. Marketing majors develop a broad range of skills over the years, which eases their transition between various jobs. 

So, if you haven’t made up your mind about what you’re going to do after getting a marketing degree, some of the following options may help you. 

1. Social Media Manager

Almost the entire world resides inside the small screens of our phones and laptops. Businesses today heavily rely on digital marketing to maximize their reach and build a recognizable brand. One individual that can help refine an organization’s online presence is a social media manager. 

One of the primary purposes of such individuals is to orchestrate an organization’s entire social media strategy to increase customer engagement and improve brand visibility. 


  • Research and analyze the latest techniques and trends related to digital marketing
  • Facilitate, manage, and engage with social media communities
  • Work on the relationship with influencers across multiple online platforms
  • Track reports on an organization’s performance on social media


Experienced social media managers can earn a handsome annual salary of up to $53,000. 

2. Public Relations Specialist

You hire a public relations specialist when you want an expert to deal with the media to reflect your company’s values. 

You’ll need a General Master of Business Administration Degree and exceptional interpersonal skills to qualify for this role. It is a public relations specialist’s job to work towards creating a favorable image of the company in the public eye through press releases, media engagement, and general announcements. 


  • Help clients with developing and maintaining a positive reputation with the public
  • Managing media requests and relations
  • Write speeches and press releases
  • Analyze public opinion and lead survey initiatives 


Public relations specialists earn an annual average salary of $50,000, while a PR manager can make $116,000. 

3. Copywriter

As every digital marketing platform becomes more competitive, people continue to consume content quickly. In such circumstances, the services of a copywriter cannot be overlooked. 

Marketing majors with exceptional writing and creative skills can work as copywriters to create written copies for digital content, brochures, promotional content, and advertising for a company. 

Copywriters typically project the company’s image through written communication for reader information. 


  • Modify and edit client content to meet their needs
  • Writing engaging blog posts, newsletters, and brochures
  • Collaborating with PR and designers for various marketing projects 
  • Maximize copy’s reach through SEO principles and thorough research


As a copywriter, you can earn anywhere between $47,000 and $63,000 annually. 

4. Brand Marketing Manager

Branding is the heart of an effective marketing strategy that positions an organization with the right audience’s eye. Effective branding can be a game-changer. The person who helps achieve those goals is a brand marketing manager. 

As a brand expert, you can work as an in-house manager for a company or alongside creative branding agencies for redefining the company’s image that taps into core consumer needs. 

Marketing majors with excellent product development, advertising, and market research knowledge can easily ace this role. But you can also ace this managerial job with these interview questions for managers.


– Oversees all aspects of the marketing process for a particular service or product

– Works on the messaging and development of the brand narrative

– Creates and maintains brand budgets

– Researches current market trends, projects, and competitive activities


Brand managers make a whopping $100,000 on average annually. 

5. Fundraising Manager

If you are a marketing major who prefers to ease into more meaningful roles, working in non-profit sectors is your calling. A fundraising manager works for non-profit organizations to help them secure donations and funding. 

They help market the organization to the public by representing their ideology through marketing tools. They help organize fundraising events and make pitches for potential donors. 


  • Develop strategies, goals, and plans for raising money
  • Manage and plan fundraising events and publicize them
  • Identify potential donors and develop alliances
  • Manage endowments and write grant proposals


According to BLS, a fundraiser manager earns an average annual salary of $ 64,000. 

6. Data Scientist

A market research analyst or a data scientist is a role that a marketing major with exclusive research, analytical, and quantitative skills can do. 

In this role, individuals have to organize, gather, and then interpret data through various statistics tools and software. 

These marketing professionals assess consumer opinions on goods, services, and sales to draw relevant feedback for improved customer satisfaction. 


– Undertaking massive amounts of data for preprocessing and analysis

– Present information through data visualization techniques

– Automate data collection and identify essential data sources

– Propose strategies for various business challenges


According to statistics, data scientists or market research analysts earn an annual average of $74,000. 

7. Event Planner

Do you have a keen eye for detail and are highly organized? One of the best career choices for a marketing major with these qualities is event planning. This job requires exceptional creative skills and excellent promotion, design, and advertising skills. 

An event planner knows how to engage the audience and address their preferences. You can be anything from a wedding to a sports event planner. Marketing majors use their analytical skills to assess what the audience wants. 


  • Ensure client and audience satisfaction by monitoring activities 
  • Managing and budgeting event finances 
  • Work on post-event reports for future references 
  • Coordinate all sorts of logistic elements of the event


Event planners earn a median annual salary of about $56,000. 


Earning a marketing degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you only end up as a sales representative. Majoring in marketing offers you countless opportunities to take on multiple roles that are both high-paying and enjoyable. 

You can put your skills to the test by experimenting with various marketing roles such as the ones discussed above. 

Marketing majors with exceptional interpersonal and analytical skills can make it big in any positions above. 

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