5 Tips to Make Coffee at Home

Coffee is a cherished beverage for people all around the world. Not only does it keep you energized throughout the day, but it is also a personal beverage, as it can be modified and customized to one’s liking. 

Many methods of coffee preparation have emerged over recent years, but it has been a beverage to look forward to for centuries. However you like your coffee, you can make it even better by following these five tips on making coffee at home.

1. Make It Quickly

Some people care more about the energy benefits that drinking coffee can provide and care less about the taste. For these people, it’s all about getting ready for the day and feeling awake. In other words, they want the fastest coffee brewing technique possible, so they can start their day. People who want their coffee fast often rely on instant coffee, as it is quick and easy to make. 

For other coffee drinkers, methods like press coffee machines, and others that pour out coffee from flavored coffee pods are the way to go. Whether you enjoy cowboy coffee or modern barista hacks, making your coffee as easy as possible to prepare is undoubtedly a plus for people who just want to wake up quickly. 

2. Buy Organic Coffee

Coffee production is not without its drawbacks. If you aren’t buying organic coffee, you may be purchasing coffee that has been exposed to pesticides and less than favorable circumstances on its journey to your grocery store’s shelves. Although not everyone cares about drinking organic coffee for health reasons, they probably do care about the taste. 

Organic coffee is prepared differently, often making it fresher and more enjoyable to drink. Stick to organic or local brands that have fresh, cleanly produced beans. You’ll enjoy your cup of Joe so much more. 

3. Don’t Leave Your Coffeemaker On Forever

The quickest way to a burnt cup of coffee is your home coffee maker. After making your morning brew, you let it sit there for hours. Every time you head back to the kitchen for a refill, the coffee burns more and more, giving your reason to avoid the stuff altogether. 

Pay attention to how long your coffeepot has been on and brew a fresh cup to avoid an acidic taste that’s sure to ruin your workday.

4. Skip Artificial Sweetener

Some research suggests that artificial sweeteners are terrible for your health. Not only do they make you crave junk food, but they also mess up your blood sugar and energy levels. 

The purpose behind coffee is to boost your energy. Don’t negate its effects with artificial junk. Instead, go for natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, vanilla extract, or brown sugar. You can still enjoy your coffee without subjecting yourself to processed ingredients that can make you sick. 

5. Drink It Right Away

Avoid cold coffee and start drinking your coffee immediately after pouring yourself a cup. It sounds simple right? Well, nobody does it, so this is your PSA. The instantly cold cup of coffee is not so instantly cold after all! 

Most likely, you grab your morning cup of coffee, start checking your email, and get distracted with whatever else. By the time you remember that your coffee is next to you, guess what? It’s cold. 

Make It the Best Coffee Ever 

Coffee preparation is a personal thing. We all like coffee for different reasons. Maybe you enjoy the taste. Maybe you like the energy kick. Maybe it helps you go number two. Whatever you drink coffee for, make it the best coffee ever by following the tips above.


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