5 Ways To Strengthen Your Family Bonds In The Garden

American families enjoy just 37 minutes of quality time together on the average weekday, according to the New York Post. Spending time with family creates fun moments and strengthens relationships. In this modern era, we find ourselves more occupied with work while kids are obsessed with electronic gadgets. As the leader of the family unit, its the parent’s job to create a firm foundation for strong bonds. Here’s how you can use your garden to keep your family happy, connected and together.

Play some competitive games

Games are an important part of kids and adults alike. They not only provide us with the much-needed exercise, but they are also essential in helping us socialize. At home, you can use your lawn to play some interesting games as a family. You can play bocce ball, badminton, horseshoe, potato sack race or corn hole. Games create an opportunity for all members to interact, learn each other and build close relationships. Competitive games help your kids learn problem-solving and develop essential life skills.

Indulge in water games

Kids definitely love water. Allowing them to splash around is an exciting way to create unforgettable memories. Water slides are an excellent way to cool off during the hot months. With some simple tools, you can build one right in your backyard. Using nothing more than a thick piece of plastic, a garden hose, and shampoo, you will have a water slide. You can also fill balloons with water and try tossing them at a target or play baseball with them. Other entertaining games include playing dodgeball with water soaked sponges or water spray wars using sprinklers.

Create a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fresh and exciting activity that you can use to involve everyone and spark the imagination of kids. Create a list of things to find and ensure you keep it simple and fun. You can hide items in your yard, or use things that are already in the natural setting. Set a time limit, provide a bag to collect the items and start the search. The list can include leaves, flowers, rocks, and insects. The person who finds most items within the time frame wins the game.

Do some art

Take the creativity outside, and let everyone get crafty. Painting in your yard is thrilling as there is enough space to get messy and you all get to work together. Lay a large white sheet on the lawn and provide different color paints and brushes. Allocate each person some space within the sheet to draw whatever they wish. At the end of the day, you will have a sheet of many colors, with different paint patterns and hand marks.

Plant a family garden

Apart from giving us produce, gardening has a wonderful bonding effect on families. To draw your kids interest, involve them in every part of the planning, and ask them the plants they would wish to plant. Give them light tasks and show them how to keep plants green and healthy. Let them choose their own tools, allow them to help you in garden work and picking the produce. When you are all out working in the garden, you will get to spend quality time together and enjoy the fruits of your effort.

Family bonding comes with countless benefits. The quality time we spend today creates moments that we will live to remember for a long time to come. We don’t have to go far or spend much to have a lovely time as a family. Our outdoor spaces gift us the perfect opportunity to strengthen our family bonds.


Contributed by Jennifer Dawson


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