R.M. Palmer – The Best Choice for Chocolate! #momgraddad

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a box full of chocolate. Recently, R.M. Palmer sent over some of their amazing chocolates to sample and I was so excited when I saw they had color themes! It’s hard to find good chocolate that has specific colors you can buy to match party themes, etc.

I help run a youth outreach so we are constantly throwing graduation parties, baby showers, you name it, we throw it. This often calls for specific color schemes and the best way to decorate the table is with candy! Let’s face it, the best candy to decorate with is chocolate but it’s not easy to find chocolate in various colors. Well, you might be able to, sparingly, but it’s never the color you need unless it’s a holiday theme. When I saw that R.M. Palmer carried delicious chocolates with color themes, I got way too giddy.

We are getting ready to put on a graduation party and needed decorations so these chocolates couldn’t have come at a better time. Of course, each school has its own colors so it’s only fitting that the colors match the school being graduated from. We needed a light blue and I just had to laugh since that’s one of the colors that was sent to us.

Now, since I’m a chocolate connoisseur, I had to taste test these chocolates before I put them out for everyone. I loooooved the caramel cups and my husband stole all the peppermint patties. I had never tried the Yoo-Hoo chocolates before but my niece fell in love with them and I never got a second one after that, ha!

The chocolates that came in all the colors were milk chocolate caramel balls and they were delicious. Some others that will come in handy down the road are super sports balls and chocolate coins. Those are classics and work well for party chocolate or even a gift!

R.M. Palmer has been around for a long time and there’s a good reason for that. Their chocolate speaks for itself!


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