Play Laser Chess with Dad this Father’s Day #MomGradDad

Laser Chess by Thinkfun puts a new exciting spin on traditional Chess. It’s a great fit for dads (or moms) looking to teach their kids the classic game of chess using cool lasers. 

About Laser Chess

Laser Chess is a Two-player strategy game that combines the spatial thinking skills of chess with the high-tech fun of laser beams. Players alternate turns moving their mirrored pieces around the board, and at the end of each turn, players fire a real laser. The beam bounces from mirror to mirror, and if it strikes a non-mirrored surface of any piece, it is immediately removed from play. If you illuminate your opponent’s king, you win!

My husband and son played Laser Chess together and had a great time. Those two make me laugh because they are exactly alike; slightly competitive and huge game players. No matter what style of game, online or board style, they love a good competition. 

I am all for going “offline” and unplugging a bit to interact face to face. Thinkfun has a wealth of games that bring families together all while teaching important cognitive skills. 

Create a family game night this summer. Dad and the kids will love Laser Chess and a few of the classics at Thinkfun that will never grow old!

Laser Chess recently earned a Parent Tested, Parent Approved “Top Pick” at Toy Fair 2018 and is a MENSA SELECT winner. Find Thinkfun on Amazon and in neighborhood toy stores.

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