Introducing Cleancult: Laundry Pods Made from Naturally Derived Ingredients

Cleancult: Non Toxic 3 in 1 Laundry Pods  

“I like putting harmful chemicals on my skin” – said no one ever.

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My staff writer, Beth and I always joke about our laundry, taking snapshots and sending funny memes to each other. We both have large families and laundry is..well…one thing that never goes away. 

All joking aside, think of how many times you wash your clothes, wear them, and repeat. Using a non-toxic laundry detergent can make a huge difference in your health! Trust me, your skin will thank you.

When I was introduced to Cleancult, my interest was sparked. I am very sensitive to chemicals and there are a lot of detergents I simply can not use. I consider myself a laundry expert and therefore was super excited to test out Cleancult!

About Cleancult 

In laundry performance, Cleancult ranks 94% in overall stain removal. They are actually outperforming leading brands in removing cocoa, blood, milk, ink, grass, and clay.

With Cleancult pods, you only have to rinse once, not twice. These pods do not leave any leftover detergent on your clothing. 


  • An eco-responsible formula that is healthier and non-toxic
  • Effective cutting-edge green chemistry
  • Simple packaging that is recyclable

Some may be skeptical that naturally derived ingredients can actually clean. Don’t be. Despite the fact that Cleancult is free of phosphates, optical brighteners, and chlorine, my clothes came out brighter, cleaner and I am truly satisfied.

In addition, I really prefer the pod-style detergent. There is no waste and I know exactly how many loads I am going to get washed. 

Cleancult is available by a monthly subscription plan. You will never have to go to the store and buy laundry detergent again. Isn’t that fabulous?

Here’s How It Works

  • Choose your plan – personalize your membership by selecting the size and frequency of laundry pods you want to be delivered to your door with free shipping.
  • Commitment free cleaning – enjoy the flexibility of changing, skipping, or canceling your membership at any time!
  • Guarantee – They will replace any broken boxes or pods, just email them!

How many boxes will it take to conquer your laundry pile?

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Use coupon code April17 to save 60% on your first box!




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