Lodging for Vehicles: How to Keep Your Car Protected during the Cold Months

Tens of thousands of Americans park their vehicles outside throughout the year, and you may be one of them. Whether you do not have enough room in your garage or do not have access to a garage, your car may be subjected to icy winds, sleet, snow, and salty roads throughout the late autumn and into the winter months. Guard one of your most important investments by following these four tips for keeping your car clean, protected, and shiny.

Apply Wax in Autumn

Waxing your car may be one of those jobs that you know you should do but put off because of its high intensity of work. While you may opt for the wax at your local drive-through car wash, be aware that this will not provide enough of a sealant against the winter elements and particularly against the salt and grime of nasty roads. Instead, opt for a polymer wax, either one that you apply yourself or one that you can pay for at an automobile detailing shop. Car wax can protect your car’s paint from the harsh rays of the sun as well as from the wind, sleet, snow, and ice of the winter.

Build a Carport

If your car is currently out in the open, consider budgeting to get a carport constructed by a company like Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. A carport is far cheaper to build than a garage is, yet it still protects vehicles from much of the sun, snow, and ice of the winter. If your area experiences harsh winds, consider building one side of your carport to enclose it partially.

Give It a Rinse-off

When you have a day above freezing, be sure to give your car a simple rinse-off if you do not have time for a full car wash. It is vital to remove the dirt, grime, salt, and brine from your car’s finish regularly before it eats into the paint. Especially focus on the oft-forgotten underside of your car where salt builds up and can begin to rust the important metal parts there.

Clean Off Ice Gently

When choosing a brush for snow, choose a soft, foamy option that will not scratch the paint. Only use hard scrapers on windshields and glass even if ice has built up on your doors. If you do have ice preventing you from unlocking or opening your doors, choose a deicer made with anti-freeze that is specifically formulated for automobile paint.

The exact tips that you follow may depend on where you live in the country. For example, if you rarely see snow or ice, you may deal with excessive winds that blow dust and sand onto your car, destroying the paint. Alternatively, you may live in a state, such as North Dakota, that does not use salt on its roads but rather uses only sand. Be smart as you take care of your car and protect it from the weather in your specific area. Above all, be sure to keep it consistently washed, waxed, and guarded against the winter elements.

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