5 Reminders for Parents Who Travel for Work

Being away from your child is something no parent wants to experience. However, there are times when you might have to travel for work. As such, you might start to question if you are doing the right thing. Rest assured, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way.

Set up a Time to FaceTime

While you’re out and about, you can still communicate with your child. However, this doesn’t mean to simply have the intention to use FaceTime or Skype. Instead, schedule a time to chat. Without having a set time to talk, schedules can get a bit messy and you may miss a few calls. Try to find gaps in your schedule that you can use as free time to spend time with your child.

Record Every Special Moment

Unfortunately, there may be times when you miss an important milestone. Whether parents like it or not, they can’t stop their children from growing. Although you may not be present, you can have your significant other capture the moments on film. That way, you won’t have to miss out on any milestones.

Change the Screensaver on Your Phone

Most parents have tons of photos of their little one saved to their cell phone. However, the issue with this is that you have to constantly access your gallery to view them. Instead of having to scroll through picture after picture, set two of your favorite pictures as your background and screensaver.

Use Snapchat to Stay Connected

Snapchat is a great way to constantly keep up with your child’s growth. Snapchat is a video-sharing app that allows people to capture moments and send them to others. In this case, your significant other can send you small videos and pictures of your child. This is a great way for parents who have extremely busy schedules to stay connected to their family.

Organize Travel

Some parents are able to control the length of their business trips, so if you’re one them, try to keep your trips brief. Try to make your trips at least a day or two at max until both you and your child are able to adapt to the lifestyle. Whether you are a CDL Truck Driver or an Account Manager, you should communicate with your kids often.  Furthermore, do your best to fight any kind of influences or impulses that will make your trip an international one. Time zones differ when overseas, which can make spending time with your child difficult.

Any moment spent with your child is always a special one. However, if you’re job involves travel, it’s even more important to make those moments count. Above all, never feel guilty that you have to work. Simply reassure your child you will return and stay in touch as much as possible.

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