They Grow Up So Fast! What Milestones to Watch For In Your Toddler’s Development

Most children go through the same developmental milestones. Yet, each toddler may do them at their own speed, so be careful not to get too upset if your child seems to be lagging behind a bit or is racing through them quicker than normal. Remember it takes kids at both ends to make the norm. Here are some important milestones your child may pass through. 

Birth to First Birthday

By the time that a child is two months old, they should be smiling at people, make cooing sounds and begin raising their heads while on their stomachs. By the time that the child is four months old, they should be copying facial movements, showing emotions and may start rolling over. Furthermore, by the time, the child celebrates their first birthday, they should be helping you dress them and saying simple words. 

First Birthday to Second Birthday

When this year is done, you will not believe how much your baby has grown into a toddler with his or her own personality. While the toddler may be a little hard to understand, they are definitely using two-to-four-word sentences to express their preferences. They are starting to play by sitting next to other children and may even join in a short game of chase. 

Second Birthday to Third Birthday

You will find plenty of moments to share on social media during this year. While the 2-year-old was busy clinging to you when you left, the 3-year-old is ready to let you go. This child may be ready to go to preschool, and he or she may enjoy the learning environment there. You are likely to capture some great moments of the child playing dress up, and they often want to be just like older children. 

Third Birthday to Fourth Birthday

This year, your child is likely to want that play kitchen and the medical bag as they love to explore what they see adults doing. Keep your phone’s recorder handy allowing you to record their stories to share later with people who love the child almost as much as you do. Settle down for some card-playing fun or other simple games with your child before this year is done. 

Remember that each child develops at their own pace. At the same time, if you notice that they are lagging, you may want to talk to the child’s medical team about it as it may show a learning, visual or hearing problem. If there is a hearing problem, the child’s medical team may recommend the child to wear hearing aids in the future.

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