3 Ways to Commemorate a Big Family Event

Families often come together for holidays as well as for family reunions, major celebrations and more. When your group gets together for special events, you understandably want to make the events as memorable as possible. The activities that you plan play a critical role in the memories that you make with your loved ones, and there are a few additional steps to take to further commemorate your big family events.

Create a Video Montage

For family reunions, milestone birthday celebrations and other similar events, you can assign a family member to record video footage throughout the event. This footage can then be compiled after the conclusion of the event. You may even set the footage to music and add special effects, or you can ask family members to each make a statement to share on the video. When the video is compiled, send everyone a copy of the DVD. You can also place the video online for private viewing and email a link to your family members.

Prepare a Photo Album

An alternative to a video montage is a photo album. Numerous people may take staged and candid shots throughout the family events. You can request family members to send you their favorite images, and you can compile these images together in a photo album. Copies of this photo album can be sent to each household. You may also give the photo album to each household as a special holiday gift later in the year.

Customize Apparel

A different approach to commemorating a big family event is to create customized apparel. For example, a t-shirt or a hat may be made that announces the family name, the date and the reason for the event. Memorial bracelets are a great idea for a smaller and subtler remembrance. These are ideal for family reunions, big family vacations, and other special events.

If your extended family is like most, you may only come together a few times per year or perhaps only once every few years if you live very far apart. When your group makes a major effort to all come together at one time to celebrate a milestone event, a holiday or something else, you understandably want to commemorate this event in a major way. Each of these ideas has a different time commitment and cost, and some ideas are more well-suited from some families and some types of events than others. Consider what your budget is and what your family members may use or cherish most as you decide the best approach to take.

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