7 Habits That Form A Happy Family

Nothing beats going home to a happy family at the end of a hard day. You see, happy families create a relaxing environment, one that you can trust to take away your worries and stresses. In addition, people in a happy family view life in a positive way, which makes them thrive emotionally and physically.

Kids, on the other hand, develop high self-esteem and grow to be well-rounded individuals.

The question remains, why are some families happy while others aren’t. What do they do differently?

Well, here are 7 habits that happy families cultivate.

1. Proper communication

Proper communication is key in any relationship. For a family to be happy, members should be able to communicate openly and honestly. This means that even the youngest of them feels heard and the right amount of attention is given to him or her. In addition, everyone is allowed to express both positive and negative emotions without the fear of being reprimanded or punished. Everyone has the freedom to share opinions, ideas and insights on matters, and they are sure to be respected and thought upon.

2. Forgiveness

Conflicts are common when people live together, even in the happiest of families. Parents argue with their kids, siblings fight over almost everything and spouses rub each other the wrong way most of the time. However, people in a happy family don’t stay angry at each other for so long. They are quick to apologize and forgive each other. Additionally, conflict solving is amicable as each one of them understands the love for family.

3. Family time

In this era of busy schedules and chasing life, it is easy to be in the dark of how other family members are doing. In a happy family, however, people find time in their busy schedules to check on each other. They make deliberate efforts to have family time regularly, such as various traditions and events, or even if it means dinner once in a while. They also make sure to use this rare opportunity productively, genuinely sharing what everyone is up to whether in school, work and life in general.

4. Appreciation for one another

In a happy family, all members appreciate each other’s input in their lives. To them, surprising each other and gift giving is not left for pivotal moments only. Any time or day is perfect to let each other know just how much they love and appreciate them. Children surprise the parents with breakfast in bed every now and then, for instance. Spouses do nice little things for each other.

Pro tip: Gifts don’t have to be expensive, it is the thought that counts after all. Even minimalist gifts make a huge statement when given with love. For instance, minimalist engagement rings make a perfect gift for your to-be bride. They are subtle and gorgeous, enough to make her say yes to you.

5. Celebrate each other

Just like gift giving, happy families don’t wait for a huge win to celebrate each other. Something as little as one of them being accepted to the school football team is enough reason to celebrate. In addition, they are each other’s cheerleader. This means that they encourage one of them to chase his or her dreams, and they will be there cheering him or her every step of the way.

6. Playtime

What would make a happy family without spending fun times together? Nothing brings families together than doing fun activities together. The fun and laughter spikes up interesting conversations that brings everyone even closer together. Watch a funny movie once in a while, take a road trip, go hiking or play games together to tighten those bonds even stronger.

7. Alone time

Spending time together as a family is crucial in building a happy family. However, it is not all the time that everyone will want the company of other family members. This is to say that quiet time is necessary as well. It allows one to do some soul searching; work on themselves in order to be a well-rounded person for the sake of the family.  In a happy family, people understand that everyone needs some alone time. They respect that and allow each other to take time off, and are willing to take up their chores.



Happy families don’t happen by sheer luck. It takes intentional efforts by each member to create a happy environment for everyone. In addition, each one of them genuinely invests their time in strengthening the bond with each other.

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