Popilush Shapewear Dress: Creating the Perfect Woman

There are many things that happen in a woman’s life that can demotivate her. Sometimes you just need to get out of the rut, change your look and invest in self-esteem.

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An attractive, sensual look expands your femininity making you happier. Small imperfections on the tummy, butt or thighs can be easily resolved using a template built in shapewear dress.

Popilush is a pioneer in the manufacture and quality of modeling dresses. In this article, you’ll see how they can be the missing piece to create the perfect woman.

Dresses for formal occasions

For more formal occasions, invest in a long-sleeved dress like the Built-In Shapewear Long-Sleeve Maxi Lounge Dress.

This shapewear is available up to size 3XL, it promotes the flattening of the abdomen through the double layer effect. This type of fabric is also responsible for ensuring good support for the bust, with removable bra cups.

The neckline is square. The elastic tulle cutout enhances the seamless tummy control slim effect. This gives you a totally natural modeling effect.

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Imagine your perfect feminine image when attending a congress dressed in a long sleeve lounge dress Popilush! It is possible to combine a basic color like black with a cape-style blazer in khaki, open front.

For colder days, wear it in a long overcoat with side ties in a marble hue. An envelope bag looks great if you want to reuse the same look to go to the theater at night. Also, invest in a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Dresses for informal occasions

Popilush shapewear dresses are extremely adaptable. Therefore, you can choose more than one model to create an informal look.

The Built-In Shapewear Modal Lounge Dresses sculpt your body through light compression. Tummy control, through the elastic tulle cutout, gives you a flawless hourglass-shaped waist.

For a cooler look, you can layer the shapewear with a solid blue denim jacket and front flap pockets. Or invest in a black polyurethane jacket for a moto-girl look. For the first combination, wear sneakers in a beige tone, and for the second, boots with thin chains.

Create your own modeling

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Now I will make up your mind to create a unique style that no other woman will be able to buy off-the-shelf.

It is possible to wear a deep v neck bodysuit and create a dress-like look. Choose the Sexy Lace Deep-V Neck Bodysuits Or Leather Skirt and combine it with a skirt that has the same shade and manufacturing material as the upper part, nylon, and elastane.

And what do I do with the central division? You’ll realize it’s not a dress. Keep Calm. Remember that you are the perfect woman. There is a trick for everything and for this case, just place a delicate and subtle belt in the same shade as the bodysuit exactly in the division between the two pieces.

Thus, visually it will appear that you are wearing an exclusive model dress, well-waisted and sensual.

The lace details of this bodysuit give it a very delicate and feminine appearance. The V-neckline enhances your beauty and your bust.

Compressed shaping lining, together with breathable double-layer fabric, gives you a perfect waist and the body every woman has always dreamed of.

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