Chi Candle – Relax and Feel at Home!

There is nothing better than the scent of a fresh-smelling candle. On occasion, candles can have harsh scents that truly make it hard to enjoy the relaxation a candle can bring. Chi Candle has quickly become one of my favorite candle companies because of their magnificent candle lines. The candles immediately make you feel calm, even before being lit. Not to mention, they are made of great ingredients that are better for you when burned. 

My candles arrived within a week, well-packaged. When they got here, not even my husband could contain his excitement. The jars were immediately opened and sniffed. My favorite one (which I figured it might be) was the 8 ounce mason jar Bartlett Pear. I grew up on a farm and some days, when the doors were open, it smelled of fresh, spring air with the scent of flowers in the air. As soon as I smelled the Bartlett Pear, I felt like I was back on that farm, I felt like I was home.

When a company can do all of that with one candle, imagine if you got more than one! Ha! I got four candles total. The other scents were the 8 ounce tumbler Cedarwood, 8 ounce tumbler Cozy Village, and the 8 ounce mason jar Sun & Sea.

You won’t be disappointed in your purchase with Chi Candle. They had a genuine focus behind this company when they started it and their candles reflect that focus.


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