5 Healthy Activities to Do with Your Family This Weekend

Winter vacations are around the corner and keeping your kids from getting all bored is a one challenging tasks for all parents out there. But fret not! There are some healthy activities that will not only keep you from pulling your hair out but will also improve the family bond along with health and wellness.

So, try out these 7 healthy activities with your kids and thank me later!

  1. Gardening with the Little Ones

Kids love to get their hands full of dirt and shirt into stains and that’s where their fun begins. The great way to do that is gardening. Select any flower, herb or fruit and start digging along with your kids. Then, make them observe the growth and the wonders of nature. Later on, teach them how to make good use of what they grew.

  1. Some Trampoline Fun

Kids absolutely love bouncing and hopping and jumping. Amidst all the adulthood, you love it too deep down in your heart. Therefore, bring out the child inside you when you are with you are kids and get on the trampoline with them. You can either keep a big nice trampoline in your backyard or head to the trampoline park and let the fun begin. The best part is that it is not just fun but a very healthy exercise as well.

  1. Coin Hike

This one might sound new to you but I have been on many coin hikes in my childhood and I absolutely loved it. My mother used to take us siblings to the park and flip a coin. If it was heads, we would go right and on tales, we would go left. It is indeed a great way to keep the kids engaged in a healthy activity while you sit and relax in the fresh air.

  1. Bake Healthy Together

Bake healthy desserts together with your kids and teach them how to bake in a healthy manner using ingredients that are nutritional and not fattening. This will promote the habit of healthy eating while they learn to bake and give you a helping hand. Then, make them set the table and rejoice every bite of what they baked. It will make them feel appreciated and motivated too.

  1. Take them to the Market

If you want your kids to learn to be both healthy and smart with the money, there is no better way to teach them that than taking them to the farmer’s market. Fill your bag with healthy veggies and fruit. Also, hand them a small amount of money too and ask them to spend it in a smart way on things that are healthy. Once, you are home, prepare a good healthy meal with the things you purchased and doing so will encourage the kids to eat healthy too.


Author Bio:

John and Sophie are happily married couple with 2 kids. They enjoy outdoor activities together and healthy eating. Their love for trampolines is eternal and they believe that they are both fun and a healthy exercise. They ritually write on Trampolines Co.


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