Ways to Cure Social Media Addiction and Get Work Done

Social media addiction is a pandemic that we haven’t paid much attention to. Millions of people all over the world suffer from social media addiction. Pre-COVID, social media addiction was already a big thing, the COVID-19 came, and the world was forced to move online. This has come with its effects and consequences, and a significant result is that more people are addicted to the internet and social media. 

It’s hard to quantify social media addiction, but it is not impossible. For example, many people have become lax at their work and have been unable to work because of their addiction to social media. In addition, this addiction impacts their health and overall wellbeing. 

Overcoming social media addiction cannot happen overnight. Many things need to be done, and habits must be formed to overcome this addiction. Some of these are simple instructions to follow daily, but they are very effective in combating social media. This article discusses some of these tips.

1. Don’t sleep with your phone around you.

According to a lab report writer, phones disrupt sleep schedules and lead to poor sleeping patterns because many people would choose to browse through social media rather than sleep. 

The best way to fight this is to put your phone far away from you when you are about to sleep. Putting the phone out of your immediate reach reduces the possibility of you giving in to the temptation of going online to social media. This means less night usage, more sleep, and reduced addiction to social media. 

2. Turn off notifications

Nothing tempts you to pick up your phone more than the popup sound your phone gives when you have a new notification. If you are going to cut down on your use of social media and stop being addicted, you must turn off notifications on your phone. Then, when you don’t know about a new message you have or a post that your internet friends just made, you are less tempted to reach out for your phone.

3. Take your phone out of your morning routine.

It has become a routine for many people, mainly social media addicts, to reach out to their phones first thing in the morning and check their social media feeds. Sleeping away from your phone will help you take this away, but you must make sure not to stand up from your bed and go for your phone. It would be more helpful if you create a morning routine for yourself that doesn’t involve your mobile phone. Only reach out for it once you are done with everything. It will help you be more productive. 

4. Don’t place weight on your social media.

This may be difficult, but it is a significant factor in determining social media addiction. How important is your social media appearance to you? Do you spend time planning and thinking about your next posts? Cut down on this consciously. It will free your mind and time for more productive things. 

5. Digital detox 

If you can, you should take time away from social media. This is what digital detox means. It does not necessarily mean you are abandoning social media. You are only staying away for a while to deal with the addiction of being on social media every day.


Combating social media addiction is essential. The tips in this article are necessary for dealing with it and spending your time on more productive things. 


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Jake S. Platt is 31. He has a master’s degree in marketing and currently started as a content writer providing a paper writing service. Wrote his first story at age 15. He brings his decades of experience to inspire people to explore the world.


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