Do You Get Anxiety Whenever You Travel or Tour Out?

When life begins to feel like each day is repeating itself, traveling is an activity much sought after. Usually, traveling is a medium to escape the daily hustles and bustles, but it may be a source of fear and worry for people with travel anxiety. Taking a vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic demands a heavy tax on the body and mind, as there is much to contemplate. It is very challenging, from the uncertainty of your vacation to traveling to a country without an adequate healthcare system. 

Furthermore, the mere thought of flying in a closed metal tube, in close contact with another passenger during the pandemic, triggers much anxiety. Just think about it – you begin a journey with loads of stress crippling your mind. By the time you reach the place, all your excitement washes down the hill of guilt for panicking in the first place. Then you go on a full I-blame-myself mode, which ruins all fun and expectations. Fortunately, the travel-ready CBD night capsules for sleep can help control your stress levels.  

Does CBD have intoxicating effects?

Everybody has a misconception that CBD-based products are addictive like marijuana because CBD is an active chemical ingredient derived from the same Cannabis plant. In reality, CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid that causes an intoxicating “high” or feeling of euphoria on ingestion. Most of the CBD products in the market today are derived from hemp plants and have low THC levels compared to marijuana. Besides, you don’t need to take capsules to benefit from CBD effects. Promise Drops CBD use a complex method of THC removal, which allows them to guarantee 0% THC and make the products safe and highly effective for consumers.

How does CBD help in controlling anxiety?

One should know about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in the human body to get a clearer picture of how CBD works to reduce anxiety. The ECS plays a vital role in regulating our response to fear, anxiety, and stress management. The Endocannabinoid System is a conductor that supervises and controls various physiological systems to maintain an optimal and dynamic balance internally when the external environment fluctuates. 

Constant exposure to a stressful environment can have harmful effects on the ECS. This overexposure to stress can impair the working of the CB1 receptors, which are involved in conducting our emotions. As a result, we feel anxious and cannot create new memories for fear of past experiences. A study published in Pharmacopsychiatry finds an inverse relationship between anxiety severity and anandamide levels (the natural cannabinoid present in the brain, which helps forget traumatic experiences and reduce stress levels). The study has established that when anxiety levels are high, the levels of anandamide are low.

Researchers have found that CBD increases the levels of anandamide depleted due to stress and reverses the deficiency, thus reducing anxious behavior. Unlike marijuana which contains THC, which will heighten your anxiety and paranoia due to its intoxicating effects, the travel-ready CBD capsules activate the endocannabinoid system, which will dampen the stress response. 

CBD hemp capsules for a well-rested journey

It is an inarguable fact that sound sleep can take away the blues of a long-haul flight or landing in a foreign country, or jet lag. But when the anxiety of being in a new place, which has a language you would not understand, plagues you, sleep is the last thing to happen. Unfortunately, a common misapprehension about CBD is that it helps sleep. Lower doses of CBD can neither induce sleep nor have sedative-like effects on your body. However, insomnia can be a direct outcome of stress or anxiety. In such cases, CBD will decrease excitatory neurotransmission, calming down your brain and helping you sleep.

Pain relieving effects of CBD

People with anxiety disorders are all too familiar with chronic pains like body soreness, muscle tension, and headaches. Furthermore, due to the lack of movement, insufficient blood circulation during long flights results in joint pains and swelling. The body’s absorption of CBD influences the endocannabinoid system and relieves pain. In a recent study, the researchers discussed the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. They discovered that CBD reduces inflammation through several pathways in the body, representing a potentially effective treatment for various conditions caused by inflammation.

Is it okay to carry CBD everywhere?

Since CBD is a cannabinoid (chemical component) present in the Cannabis plant, there is a lot of confusion regarding its legality. Even a travel protection policy may not be able to protect a man from getting removed from a plane for carrying an illegal item. The CBD extracted from marijuana is considered illegal by most countries due to the high content of THC present in it. However, CBD derived from hemp is legal as it contains significantly less concentration of THC, i.e., less than 0.3 %. Therefore, it would be wise for a traveler to produce the original documentation or packaging that reveals the legality of the source, with THC levels less than 0.3 %.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our daily lives. It has led to introduction of new systems for travelers, which may seem anxious to some. The evidence favoring CDB as a remedy for travel anxiety is growing daily. So far, research shows that CBD can decrease the levels of anxiety one feels generally. CBD can be helpful for many health problems you face as a traveler. It may help you enjoy your travels despite various ailments like anxiety, sleeplessness, fear of flying, pains, or aches. Moreover, it will promote physical and mental strength to explore and venture into new destinations. 

It is recommended to first check if CBD is legal in your travel destination, and if you are wary of carrying CBD on board, experts advise you to have some at home before leaving on your journey. 

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