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Nowadays, trading is more accessible to a wider audience, and it seems an effective way to earn money. The only problem is sometimes people think about it unreasonably – some see trading as a way for easy money, while others, in contrast, are afraid of its complexity. The truth is always somewhere in-between, so let’s look at the situation and find out what you need except for looking at the XAU/USD live chart.

What is trading?

Basically, trading is exchanging something. You sell a unit and get something back as a payment, and vice versa. It works perfectly fine with not only regular goods and services, but also with currencies, commodities, and other assets. They are far more complex because they depend on more generalized factors, and in contrast to your local supermarket, anything can change the price – you need to watch carefully and suppose where the tendencies fluctuate.

What should I know about trading before starting?

Several aspects that characterize trading can give a clearer vision of what to do first:

  • Trading is sophisticated. The basic action of selling and buying is accompanied by many other activities like self-education, analysis, and observation that take most of your time.
  • Its risks are predictable. For those who believe that trading is a too volatile source of income, it may be interesting to learn that most depends on your effort, will, and knowledge. The better you know the subject – the more effective the activity is.
  • Trading covers too many aspects for a single trading platform to contain. That’s why they differ not only by reputation and conditions but also by their functionality. Much of your success depends on how efficiently you use the functions given.
  • The previous point is the reason to not read everything you see about trading. System and persistence are the keys, so when you’re learning, do it consecutively. 

Having this in mind can suggest you some ideas of what approach is the most convenient for you in the beginning. 

How not to drown under tons of information?

Most people that try to learn all the necessary information by themselves face a variety of articles and materials that may confuse them. 

To follow the reasonable sequence, it’s better to:

  • choose a guiding source to follow and use additional sources to learn more about specific terms or aspects;
  • use videos by topics for better visual understanding;
  • find someone (or something) to ask and get a specific answer (a trader with a blog, a teacher, or even an AI chat);
  • use notes and draw schemes to build better associations where you can generalize categories or detail them.

One of the best options is using several independent sources to build your own vision of trading while discovering the basic points. 

Starting trading is long and is comparable to a full-day job before you get a decent experience. But beginning your way to trading is also a significant part of how successful you will be further. FBS materials are among the best educational sources for beginner traders and those who want to improve their level. 

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