All You Need To Know About RoadRunner Auto Transport 2023 

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RoadRunner Auto Transport is a brokerage-based automobile shipping company. They have set up their headquarters in Bethpage, New York. This transportation company has been shipping Cars and RVs (Recreational Vehicles) for more than 30 Years nationwide. They offer various delivery options, efficient customer service, and pocket-friendly prices. They also allow you to 24/7 track your shipment and know its location. 

Being a brokerage company, RoadRunner car shipping is connected with 14,500+ carriers that help ship any automobile nationwide. RoadRunner Auto Transport offers various services, including door-to-door transport, enclosed transport, oversized transport, etc. 

RoadRunner Auto Transport Offers These Services…

RoadRunner offers a wide range of automobile shipping services. They have various services based on different types of vehicles and shipping needs and requirements. 

  • Open Carrier Car Shipping: It is one of their most cost-effective services. This method transports up to 10 vehicles at a time, and that’s being exposed to the environment. 
  • Enclosed Car Shipping: It is one of the safest ways to ship your automobile. Your car will be properly shielded from various elements, including weather conditions, debris, dust, and road hazards. 
  • Seasonal Vehicle Transport: This service allows you to ship your automobile in any season of the year. It is also a secure and reliable service option to ship your vehicle at any season. 
  • Cross Country Car Transport: It is typically useful for people transferred/shifted from one place to another mile away. RoadRunner Auto Transport allows you to get your automobile delivered without any dents or damage. 
  • Military Car Shipping: It can ship any POV military personnel across the country. They safely ship automobiles with full safety. 
  • College Car Shipping: It can be used to relocate cars or other automobile vehicles to relocate for attending college. 
  • Dealer Shipping: It can be used by car dealers to safely ship their used or new cars anywhere across the country. 
  • Fleet Management: It can reliably transport fleet vehicles owned by any business, agency, or government. 
  • Corporate Vehicle Relocation: It can relocate your business purpose car to any part of the United States. 
  • Oversized Vehicle Transport: It can be used to relocate oversized vehicles, including Campers, RVs, Tractors, Boats, Buses, etc. 
  • Motorcycle Shipping: It can transport the motorcycle completely enclosed, and that’s too door-to-door. 
  • Alaska Car Shipping: It can reliably transport vehicles to and from Alaska. They deliver automobiles once every week. 
  • Hawaii Car Shipping: It can be delivered to and from the Hawaiian port. It can also help you with the pickup/delivery at your door. 
  • Puerto Rico Car Shipping: It can ship your car safely to and from Puerto Rico. It also allows you to have a pickup or delivery at your door.  
  • Caribbean Car Shipping: It can also be used to deliver to and from the Caribbean safely. They also cover other locations, including Guatemala, Haiti, Costa Richa, Dominican Republic, and the Virgin Islands. 

Factors Affect The RoadRunner Transportation Cost 

RoadRunner Auto Transport has an “Instant Car Shipping Quote” section on its website. It allows you to quote an estimated price of your shipment in just three easy steps. Certain factors affect your shipping cost. 

  • Destination Distance widely affects the prices of shipping. 
  • The type of Transportation Used also heavily impacts the shipping prices. 
  • The Time of Year also plays a great role in affecting the transportation cost.
  • Carrier Company also has a significant role in affecting shipping prices. 
  • Fuel Cost heavily affects shipping prices. 
  • The operability and Size of the vehicle also greatly impact the transportation cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to be safe from auto transport scams?

The complaints regarding RoadRunner and other such companies are highly increasing. Thus, first, you should check out the relevant information regarding the intermediate carrier. Plus, you can also check out the rating and reviews of your transportation company over the BBB (Better Business Bureau). 

  • Should you transport your car from RoadRunner Auto Transport? 

RoadRunner is getting a higher increase in complaints regarding their offered services. Thus, if you require a timely shipment with all the proper facilities, you should not consider the RoadRunner. Instead, we suggest you ask your friends and family for better suggestions. 

  • Is RoadRunner Car Shipping a legitimate company? 

RoadRunner is a lawful broker company that connects shipment-required customers with carriers. They have an official connection of 14,500+ carriers, allowing them to ship automobiles to any part of the United States. 

When it comes to RoadRunner Auto Transport in 2023, the above comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need, including the convenience of utilizing the best travel apps to track your vehicle’s shipment and stay updated throughout the process.

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