How to Make Sure Your Family’s Vacation Rental Is Always Ready

Owning a vacation rental gives you a fun way to boost your income, and you may love knowing that you always have a comfortable place to stay when you are ready to enjoy some downtime. Yet, you might have also experienced a few times when past guests left your home in a state that wasn’t so desirable. Making sure that your family’s vacation home is always ready for anyone’s stay is as easy as adding these strategies to your rental business plans.

Stock Up on the Essentials

Vacation rentals can vary according to the supplies that are kept in stock. Most rental homes supply towels, bedding, and other essentials, but you might also need to add a few more items to your supply list. If you plan to stay in the home for more than a day, you’ll also want to make sure that there is adequate cookware and serving dishes available in the kitchen. While you don’t have to buy the most high-end products, it is handy to know there’s at least a skillet available to cook your family’s breakfast or dinner.

Plan for Post-Checkout Inspections and Cleanings

Discovering that a guest somehow left with your skillet or forgot to mention that the bathroom sink isn’t working right is frustrating when you arrive for your stay. A vacation rental management company, like Skye Management, offers services that include inspecting your home after every guest checks out to identify common issues that need correction before the next person moves in for their vacation. You can also arrange for cleaning services so that you know each room is ready for your family and any other guests.

Make Arrangements for Routine Maintenance

There are a lot of little things that need to be addressed with homes that you might not be able to see if you are only there on occasion. Making sure that you have someone available nearby to change out the air filter on the HVAC system or clear small clogs in the drains is helpful for avoiding major catastrophes. You can set up regularly scheduled maintenance services with your preferred providers or ask the management team to plan for them in your absence.


Finally, you need to know that your vacation rental is available when you want to spend a few nights or weeks. You can use a simple calendar app to block out the dates for your stay. This way, no one else is able to accidentally sign up for those times. Knowing that your home is open for your holiday vacation or summer getaway helps you to relax as you plan for your stay.

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