Top Tips on How To Organize and Live Your Best Kitchen Life

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As cliche as it may sound, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether we like it or not, we spend a large portion of our day in the kitchen, making our morning cup of coffee or tea, searching for a mid-day snack, cooking dinner after a long day, prepping meals for the weak ahead, or fixing a beverage to welcome a house guest. 


There are few things better than walking into a sparkling-clean, aesthetically pleasing, highly functioning, and perfectly organized kitchen. If your kitchen is not ticking those boxes, it’s time for a makeover. Take a before picture and read on for some helpful tips on how to organize a kitchen.

Start with the two Ds

Before taking on a big home project like this, start with the two Ds – Declutter and Deep Clean.

Ready to claim some valuable kitchen space back? Walk around your kitchen with the largest box you can find and start decluttering; Get rid of duplicates, chipped mugs and plates, expired food, or unwanted gadgets. You are one step closer to getting the organized kitchen of your dreams.

Your kitchen will never feel organized if your dishwasher is smelly, your cabinets are dusty, and your sink is rusty; It’s time to tackle those daunting tasks and schedule a deep cleaning session. Clean the cupboards, cabinets, drawers, appliances, and every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Only then will you feel ready to tackle the other tips on how to organize a kitchen. 

Organize that kitchen

Now that your space is spotless, It’s time to organize. Below are some practical and easy tips on how to organize a kitchen.  

Clearing out the kitchen counter

Why would you display your toaster if you only use it for a few minutes every day? Or your mixer if you only use it once a week? The kitchen counter is where the magic happens. Give yourself the gift of extra cooking space and clear your counter. Nothing will make your kitchen feel organized and put together than this. 

Giving everything a home

Why would you walk across the kitchen to grab something when you can just move your arm and get it? Set everything up in a way that makes your daily life smoother. Your spices go next to the stove, your utensils, serverwear, and commonly used gadgets and appliances are within reach, and your less used items go to less accessible cabinets. This simple trick doesn’t only make your kitchen feel more organized, but also minimizes spills and cuts your cooking time in half.

Working on your  pantry

Salt or sugar? Take the guesswork out and label your pantry containers. Go the extra mile and use nice labels to elevate your kitchen. You will love the final look. If you have the space for it, try to dedicate separate shelves for baking ingredients, grains, snacks, breakfast food, and so on. 

Using organizers

Organizers are a great way to maximize your space. Luckily, you can find so many smart kitchen organizers out there. Find what you need and use your organizers to group similar items. You can use the organizers to store things like utensils, pots and pans, kitchen towels, and cleaning supplies. 

Storing leftovers

Instead of randomly shoving leftovers in the back of your fridge and forgetting about them, get a set of matching containers to stack your food. It will make your fridge look more organized and help you consume the food you have on hand before it goes bad. 

Keep up the efforts

It’s time to take your long-awaited after picture. You did a brilliant job, and now it’s time to maintain. It might feel annoyingly hard to maintain the new kitchen, but it’s not; Schedule a monthly deep clean, declutter the kitchen as you go, familiarize your family with the new system, and get them involved in the process. 

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen

It’s time to grab a beautiful mug and treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee. You are now living your best kitchen life. Remember, no matter what size your kitchen is, it all comes down to how well you organize the space. These simple tips on how to organize a kitchen are guaranteed to make cooking a joyful and less stressful experience. 


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