Tips for Planning a Family Fun Night

Some of the greatest gifts you can give your children are love and attention. Sure, they like toys, but ultimately, they want to know you care. Sometimes, as the dishes pile up and the work mounts, it’s hard to dedicate time to their emotional needs. It’s easier to let them play on a tablet or watch a show. Set a goal to have a family day. Don’t spend a ton of money. Put the cell phones and individual electronics away, and enjoy some old-fashioned playtime together.

Throw Out Your Routines

The goal of a family fun day is just that: to enjoy each other’s company. With that in mind, remind yourself it’s okay to deviate from the norm and make a mess. Focus on being together and making memories. For one day abandon cleaning routines and cooking food. You can dust and mop tomorrow. Take it easy, and use a delivery service such as Foodora. Enjoy some delicious take out, and, rather than cooking, the time goes to your kids. 

Play Games

Let your inner child come out. Enjoy hide and seek, or an indoor laser tag game. Want something more low key? Dig into the closet, and grab those childhood classics. Get tangled up with Twister, toss dice and add numbers with Yahtzee, or show off some money-making skills in Monopoly. Teach them that entertainment is more than a handheld device. 

Get Creative

Encourage the little ones to invent and explore. Pull out the art bin, and paint. Make playdough in the kitchen, and create animals or letters. Have you ever put baking soda in a pan and poured colored vinegar on top? It’s a hit with young ones. Plus, that’s sneaking in a bit of science too. Lego sets and magnets also pack hours of enjoyment for older kids.

Go Outdoors

Get some fresh air, and allow the young ones to get some energy out. Pack up some crackers and fruit, and take a ride up to the local park. There, enjoy a picnic. Ride bikes ride around the neighborhood or take a swim in the community pool. Certainly, a visit to a local park provides plenty of smiles.  

Watch a Classic

By the end of the night, take a break. Share a special movie together. Find one of your childhood favorites. Snag a blanket, pop some popcorn, and sit on the couch together. It’s an indulgent night. Don’t worry about sneaking in a box of candy. Chances are the little ones won’t complain.

Children grow up so quickly. Make memories, and enjoy your time with them.


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