4 Ways to Add Value to Your Home through DIY Renovations

Updating your home with your own hands doesn’t have to take all your time. You can make terrific changes by working mindfully around your home, inside and out. Take care to work towards simplicity and light.


The simplest, fastest way to brighten any room is to give it a new coat of paint. The steps are simple:

  • Move furniture away from the wall
  • pull nails and patch holes
  • sand smooth
  • dust down walls
  • clean baseboards and mask
  • paint

To open up the space, consider painting the walls and ceiling the same color. If you haven’t done a lot of painting, this can make your life much easier.

One of the nicest things about painting is that you have to move everything, so why not clean while it’s all out? Better still, this is a great time to declutter. Before you put things back into your living space, decide again if you really want it.


If you’re cleaning up to sell, you may need to rent a storage unit to move a few things and make the home feel more spacious. However, you may also need to toss some items. For those who need to discard large items, consider contacting a hauling company such as AAA Rousse to help you get rid of things you can’t move on your own.

When you’re de-cluttering, focus on getting down to the flat surfaces of your home. If you have a display case, feature one item on each shelf. This will create a sense of elegance and make the whole room feel open and spacious.


Take a look at your landscaping. If you’ve got the same shrubs as your neighbor, maybe it’s time to take a look at the HOA rules and see if you can branch out a bit. Consider adding a decorative tree or invest in plants that are native to the area that will add beauty but require little work.

Keep plantings hear the house neat and tidy. Avoid any vining plants against the house and cut back anything that looks hard to manage.


Work to empty kitchen counters. Go for a sparse look. Put away tools and canisters except what you need every day. If you’re working to sell, let the new owner visualize their things in the space.

You may find that, once you’ve simplified and minimized your home, you don’t want to move! Take this sense of openness and space into your new home.

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