3 Ideas to Improve Your Interior Walls

The walls within a home represent large spaces of it, so can look rather plain without anything decorating them. With this in mind, we shall consider some decorative ideas that will brighten up your home and give it a fresh look. For instance, have you ever considered a board and batten wall? Wood paneling can look very effective and complement a home where there are already wooden beams exposed, for instance. It beats a plain wall any day. Also, we will want to look to vary things between rooms.

Designer Wallpapers

By designer wallpapers, we mean ones that have been created by famous designers. They will be so individual and unique that you will not, in the future, desire to paint over them but proudly continue to display them for your family and visitors to continue to see.

You might have heard of William Morris, who established an interior decoration business in 1861. His style would embrace the Arts and Crafts movement and the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Many of his designs are still available, although not produced in quite the same way. His patterns would be printed by hand using carved wooden blocks that would be made from the wood of a pear tree and loaded with natural mineral-based dyes. His designs were inspired by the frustrations of not being able to find furnishings to his taste. This led him to produce designs of his own. If you have similar frustrations, when it comes to wallpaper, then you at least have more choice than he had back in the day.


Artwork is a wonderful way to decorate a wall. When we have run out of pictures of ourselves that we want everyone to see, we can look at the art created by famous artists. We do not have to afford the original works, most of those are in galleries or private collections anyway but can look to buy prints of the original picture. For instance, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers would make a nice addition to a wall displaying the work of other artists or one that has a flower theme.

You can vary the themes of your wall by the pictures that you hang. You should bear in mind, whether or not the theme is animals, that it might be better aesthetically to have a few larger pictures than lots of small ones.

Pictures can make a room seem bigger, just as mirrors can. I can recall seeing a painting on a Zoom call that looked like the entrance to another room. This made the room look twice the size.

If you do not have artistic talent and cannot find any suitable artwork in galleries or DIY stores to furnish your home, then you can always commission an artist to paint it for you. It can then be anything you imagine. It can fit in with the color scheme of your existing wall.

LED Neon Signs

LED representations of the classic neon-filled signs are becoming popular as wall hangings.

In your kitchen, you can have ones that show the symbol of a steaming cup. In your home bar, one that represents the drink you have on offer. Then, in the living room, or movie room, depictions of movie heroes and villains. I can, for instance, recall seeing the face of Darth Vader. I am sure that it would not scare your guests too much but would make a nice lit feature for your wall if you are into Star Wars movies. It would show everyone that you love sci-fi movies and provide a topic of conversation that might see you enjoy a shared interest with someone else. 

LED signs are available in figural or script form. You can have a message to indicate, for instance, that your kitchen is open as a place to eat. In your bedroom, you can have an inspirational message to wake up to. In the gym, the message could encourage a personal best. Custom-made signs are available that will please any room, no matter what it is used for.


To summarise, we can improve our walls by paneling them with wood, as mentioned in the introduction, or seek to choose more designer wallpapers and bespoke artwork as decoration. LED neon signs can provide illumination if that is what we are seeking.

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