5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Indoor Plants and Flowers

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You’re likely reading this because your home isn’t particularly abundant with much natural life apart from the humans and pets within it. You might have a garden outside that you tend to, but you think the inside of your home lacks plants and flowers.

The thing is, you’re not sure whether introducing indoor plants and floral arrangements to the inside of your home is a good idea. After all: you’ll need to dedicate some of your time to watering and tending to those additions.

If you’re still “on the fence” about whether to introduce indoor plants and flowers to your home’s interior or not, the following reasons will persuade you that it’s an excellent idea and one you probably should have done a long time ago!

1. Indoor Plants Purify the Air

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You might already freshen up the air in your rooms by opening windows each day. But, when you don’t have those windows open, you can use indoor plants to purify the air you breathe. Indoor plants have an uncanny ability to clean the air of toxic chemicals.

Examples of what indoor plants can purify include solvents, tobacco smoke, and toxic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde.

2. Flowers Brighten up Your Home

There’s no denying that flowers can lift the mood of any room in your abode. You can obviously get flowers in various colors, sizes, and styles, and make your home more welcoming and inviting.

Top tip: save money on your floral arrangements by asking family members and friends to only send flowers to you instead of giving you gifts on your birthday or for other special occasions!

3. Indoor Plants Can Help You Relax

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Let’s face it: indoor plants don’t really move around or do anything in particular. They just sit there looking pretty, right? Actually, indoor plants do a lot more than you might care to realize.

For instance, they can help you relax by lowering your stress levels and diminishing fatigue. One scientific study suggests simple interactions with plants like touching or smelling them reduce physiological and psychological stress.

4. Flowers Can Help You Start Your Day Happy

You already know flowers look pretty and can even improve people’s moods. You may not know that looking at and being near flowers in your home when you wake up each morning can help you start your day happy!

If you have a challenging day ahead of you, starting it off on a positive note (thanks to flowers) will make handling any situation more bearable. Maybe you know a friend who needs a little encouragement. You can use an online flower shop in Abu Dhabi to send them an indoor plant that will surely brighten their day.

5. Indoor Plants Can Help You Fight Colds

Another amazing fact about indoor plants is how they can help you fight off the common cold. That’s because while they purify the air each day, they also decrease airborne dust, diminishing the chances of getting a cold, and stopping colds from spreading.


The above isn’t a total list of health and well-being benefits caused by having indoor plants and flowers in your home. But, they serve to give you some idea of the amazing benefits they provide!

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