4 Design Elements to Include to Make Your Home Cute and Functional

You probably have a certain color scheme or style that you use to decorate your home. But you may also want to include four special design elements that can enhance the appearance and functionality of your living space to add even more appeal and enjoyment. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Let In More Light

Sunlight at various times of the day can add the perfect filter for each room in your home with windows. Morning light is great for helping you to wake up and get started. Midday rays brighten your home and accent key points of interest. Evening sun casts a soft light that is relaxing and prepares you for night. Keep windows unobstructed by shades or drapes except during the heat of the day or for privacy at night. Maximize the sun’s usefulness by installing solar panels to help lower your heating bills.

Decorate With Botanicals

Fresh greenery can enliven any room. Ferns in the bathroom help to refresh the air quality. Cacti and wildflowers suggest a regional Western theme. Fresh-cut flowers from your garden or a hothouse add color and scent to make each season and holiday even more memorable. Mini-trees on the patio or teacup roses in the family room provide an exotic aura to your home’s relaxation areas. You can place florals of any kind in each of your home’s rooms for a fresh feeling of coexisting with nature.

Include Natural Materials

Natural wood furniture, doors, and décor make a home feel real rather than artificial. A brick hearth conveys a sense of old-time heat and warmth. Stone entry ways and steps as well as a flagstone path or stone pavers in your yard offer durable quality and dependable usage compared to synthetic materials. Create a mini-waterfall or pond in your backyard or patio for the soothing presence of water, with or without pet fish.

Choose Neutral Base Colors

With your accent colors in mind for cushions, area rugs, and furniture, apply neutral base coats of white, tan, or eggshell to your walls. These shades won’t compete with your colorful regular elements but rather allow them to stand out and be noticed. Sharply-contrasting colors of walls with furnishings can make it hard for people’s line of vision to take in the entire room at once. Everything should flow seamlessly together in harmony.


You can make your home even more vibrant by including design elements like these. Draw up some plans and decide how to best utilize the spectrum of materials available for home décor.

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