Use Sansi Lighting to Brighten Your World #CoolSchool18

Lighting is so important in our homes.  We constantly struggle to find the perfect bulbs that put out the right kind of light, with the wattage that fits our fixtures and we also want the bulbs to last.  Recently, I was sent a few bulbs from Sansi and to say that they have lightened up my home in more ways than one is a bit of an understatement.

I worked for a few years at a warehouse hardware store.  The one thing that used to shock me time and time again was the selection of light bulbs they carried.  When I was a kid, I remember my parents going to the store and getting a pack of bulbs and that was that.  When did manufacturers start making the 1000s of different kind of bulbs?  From colored bulbs to bulbs that mimic natural light, finding the right bulb that is going brighten your home in just the right way can be challenging.  Sansi light bulbs, although they offer different varieties, they are so worth looking into.  

There is a little snag with the bulbs I was sent.  They can not be placed in enclosed light fixtures.  I wish they could be, but each bulb has the warning on them.  But, the fixtures I put them in now glow like the sun itself.  They are seriously amazing bulbs and am even considering changing out some of my outdoor fixtures to accommodate these bulbs.  They are that good.

I put the A21 LED 22W Bulb in my daughter’s bedroom.  The simple LED bulb I had in there was lighting the room, but it seemed so dim.  She was very happy to get the new bulb because she now has a fully brightened room.  Some of the great features of this one are:

  • (250-200 Watt Equivalent) Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Patented ceramic
  • 100% harmful components free
  • Stable and durable
  • Reduces energy costs

Since open fixtures weren’t on my radar when I was building this house, I was a little stumped at where to place the other bulb.  But my son asked if I’d put one in his bedside lamp.  This idea was perfect!  So I did what he asked and watched as his overhead fan light became obsolete.

The Sansi A21 27W (250W equivalent) Bulb sure did light up his room.  So much, in fact, he doesn’t use his overhead fan light anymore.  And, whenever he has someone come over, it’s the first thing he shows them. 

Sansi bulbs are pretty great.  They make different varieties and styles.  If buying the right bulb is hard for you, check out Sansi bulbs before you go to box stores to get replacements.  You certainly will be surprised and impressed with the quality of these bulbs. Pick yours up today with these coupon codes!

Save 15% on 22W LED Bulbs, Coupon Code: BULBS22W

Save $11 on 27W Dimmable LED Bulbs, Coupon Code: DEALSAUG

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