4 Common AC Issues Brought For Professional Repair

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Every homeowner tackles numerous tasks around the house. One key responsibility is regularly maintaining and scheduling tune-ups for your heating and cooling systems, crucial for preventing issues and ensuring optimal performance.   

In most areas, there’s an increase in the use of air conditioning systems during the summer as the temperature soars. Homeowners often encounter issues once they switch on the unit, especially if they have been dormant or unused for some time. Providing the cooling system with a thorough checkup is crucial before using them.   

Like any electric appliances, the air conditioning units require routine maintenance to pinpoint potential issues before they become costly repairs. Nowadays, you can find ways to repair AC problems readily. The vast selection of reputable service providers makes finding the suitable one for the job straightforward. Additionally, a proactive approach also helps prolong the lifespan of your units.   

Here are some of the common issues that necessitate the expertise of a professional to keep your air conditioning units in optimum condition.  

Damage To The Compressor

When the compressor in your air conditioning unit shows clear indications of damage, it requires timely attention. The compressor is a crucial component that assists the refrigerant in heat exchange and controls the pressure within. However, compressor failure is likely if you have dirty coils, poor lubrication, or alterations in the amount of refrigerant.   

Once the refrigerant level drops, the compressor warms up and ceases to function normally. On the other hand, the excess refrigerant will increase the pressure in the cooling unit, resulting in its failure.   

If you perceive that the unit in your home cannot cool a room or the airflow is feeble, the compressor may be the source. In such cases, contacting a professional would be the best action to remedy the issue. If the damage is serious, replacing the compressor is a better option.   

Unusual Sounds In The Air Conditioning Unit

It indicates an underlying issue if you notice unusual sounds from your air conditioning unit. Often, you may overlook this issue, which can, later on, escalate into a bigger one. With this in mind, timely action is necessary.   

Various noises can point to different problems with the air conditioning unit. If you notice a grinding noise, it may be a motor failure or an issue with the compressor. A bubble-like noise may be a refrigerant leakage or buildup of excess moisture while clicking sounds point to a capacitor problem or obstruction in the AC fan.  

Once you hear any sound coming from your air conditioning unit, schedule an inspection by a professional. A technician will help pinpoint the sound’s root and perform the necessary repairs.

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Frozen Evaporator Coil

When an air conditioning unit in your home cannot cool a space properly, the evaporator coil may freeze. It’s a typical concern that develops if a unit doesn’t receive enough air to function normally due to the accumulation of debris.   

The accumulation of particles and dirt on the coils limits the free flow of air, while warm air cannot come in contact with the refrigerant. In such circumstances, the refrigerant remains cold while the moisture on the coils solidifies.   

In the long run, the coils end up covered with ice, preventing the refrigerant in the coil from soaking up latent heat. The issue can bring about disruptions to the cooling in your home.  

Electric Control Failure

The continuous switching on and off of the air conditioning unit can lead to wear and tear on the fan and compressor. The damage would be more likely if carried out repeatedly over a short period. Doing so causes the fan and compressor of the unit to strain or work harder every time you turn it on. Sadly, it results in heightened pressure on the components and potential deterioration in the long run.   

If power surges happen frequently, it can also lead to electrical failure. The acid will likely accumulate in your unit due to electrical failure, potentially leading to further problems.   

When facing issues associated with the electric control, let the professionals handle the task. A technician can pinpoint if there’s a buildup of acid during tune-ups since it indicates an electrical issue. If you provide the cooling system with routine maintenance, you can prevent this issue from developing.  

Final Thoughts

An air conditioning system can be quite complex. Even if you can handle minor issues such as filthy air filters, other problems involving other components require a professional’s skills and expertise. Providing the system with routine care and maintenance will significantly help ensure optimal functioning. However, it’s best to know about the usual air conditioning unit issues that may arise that require professional service.

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