4 Tips for an Art Deco Home

The Art Deco design style is a stunning one to make use of in your home. It can give any home a touch of class and sophistication. There has been a lot of interest in it in recent years, thanks to The Great Gatsby, but it’s a style that has never really gone away since it was first popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco can often look very luxurious so it might seem like a style that you can’t replicate in your home. But with so many affordable things now available to help you decorate, anyone can create an Art Deco home.

Use Glamorous Lighting

Lighting can be a key element to use if you want to make an Art Deco home. If you look at Art Deco interiors, you can see those lighting fixtures play a big role. Choosing something dramatic and eye-catching is ideal, with lots of Art Deco shapes and designs to explore. You could choose Murano glass chandeliers to have an impact on your home or some brass wall lamps in bold and artistic shapes. Make glamorous choices with your lighting to really make something special of any room and get that Art Deco feel.

Bold Shapes and Strong Lines

Art Deco is all about using bold shapes and strong lines, as well as geometric patterns. You’ll find all kinds of shapes in Art Deco design, from fans to curves, arches, and diamonds. When you’re trying to decorate your home in this style, look out for interesting shapes that catch the eye. You can also think about symmetry when you’re decorating, matching shapes to each other, and ensuring you get the composition of your interiors right. Geometric shapes are used in lots of ways, including in furniture, tiling, and even window decoration and moldings.

Add More, More, More

They say that less is more, but when it comes to Art Deco, that couldn’t be more wrong. Going all-out is practically called for if you want to give your home an Art Deco style. Instead of holding back, allow yourself to go for layers of decoration and choose opulence and glamor over minimalism. There’s nothing stopping you from using expensive (or expensive-looking) materials, multiples of your big and bold features, or rich colors, except your imagination and your budget. That doesn’t mean you can just throw anything at your interiors though. Make sure you have a clear plan and vision.

Make Use of Brass

One of the things that’s easy to notice about Art Deco interiors is the use of brass. The gold-colored metal gives your home a touch of glamor without the need to invest in actual gold. Brass is a much more practical metal and can be used for all kinds of things, from lighting fixtures to tables and chairs. If you want to avoid overusing it, stick to brass hardware on doors and cabinets, lighting fixtures, and perhaps a couple of statement pieces like a bar cart.


Get an Art Deco home by using some of the key features of the style to transform your interiors.

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