Glasses Frames for Small Faces

Shopping for glasses can be challenging. There are many choices out there that can make you look good and others that are a little less flattering. There are many frame styles to choose from and a rainbow of colors for each style. Choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. 

You want your glasses to match your personality. However, you also want to make sure the frames you choose complement your looks. Bright colors might be something you gravitate toward, but will they go with your complexion and hair color?

One key factor in selecting frames is your face shape. Certain frames will look better with specific face shapes than others. For smaller faces, there are a few specific frame styles that work best.

Cat Eye

Cat-eye frames are similar to classic wayfarer or browline glasses, but they are a bit rounder and lift slightly at the edges. They have a bold style at the top and lighter, thinner details at the bottom of the glasses. These frames add height to your face without taking up too much surface area. They are stylish, go with almost any outfit, and have a retro feel to them that is revamped for the modern day.

The cat-eye also allows more of your eye to be seen because the frames are thinner. These frames tend to put the focus on your eye and help reveal your eye shape and color. They look good on most face shapes, but they can help your features seem a bit bolder for small faces. They are on the more feminine side of women’s glasses frames.


Round frames are a classic, harkening back to when glasses were new and purely utilitarian. However, there is a reason the classics never truly fall out of style. Round glasses can look good on a variety of face shapes. The biggest issue is making sure the round frames aren’t too big or too small for your face. 

For someone with a petite face, round frames make more of the eye visible and noticeable. Like the cat-eye, they can also add height to your face by adding emphasis around the eyes. They are also very versatile. You can have thin round frames that are almost rimless, putting the emphasis purely on the eyes. Or you can have thick frames in various colors and patterns that put more emphasis on the face as a whole.


Rimless frames are a bit of nerd-chic eyewear that became popular in modern fashion. The lenses are generally rectangular and connected by a thin, metal bridge. They are one of the more minimalist styles on the market. The small bits of frame typically have little embellishment, though they might be colored or have a small decoration on the side. 

The glasses can give you an elegant and unique look. They also lessen the amount of material on your face. The emphasis with rimless glasses is truly on you and your face rather than the glasses. For smaller faces, this can be good because it allows people to see you without your glasses getting in the way.

Thin Metal Frames

Thin metal frames have many of the same benefits as rimless frames. They are stylish and minimalist. They allow the glasses to melt into the background rather than being the focal point of your face. The small amount of metal around the frame does give some structure; however, it also allows the glasses to come in multiple shapes.

Instead of sticking with rectangular lenses, you can find various shaped lenses with metal frames. This can give lift when you want or add a bit of a widening effect if your face is small and narrow. You can also choose color metal frames to draw attention to your eyes. Go with neutral colors if you want the frames to blend in more.

Combine Style and Function

Your glasses are a reflection of you and match your personality and your style. However, they should also make sure you look your very best while wearing them. If you have a smaller face, there are several frame styles to choose from to achieve the look you want. Whether you are going for a classic look that can’t go wrong, a more retro look, or a nerd-chic simplicity, there is a style to fit you and your face.

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