The Year of Togetherness: 5 Activities to Try as a Family in 2019

Today’s hectic schedules make it more important than ever to find time to spend together. Kids who are regularly engaged in family time do better in school, have better communication skills and work more effectively with others. You can provide enjoyable “family time” by finding new activities to engage children’s minds and improve their physical health. Here are a few activities to start with that the entire family can enjoy. 

Enjoy an Afternoon of Bowling

Even when the weather is rainy and cold, you can enjoy an afternoon of fun activity at your local bowling alley. Bowling is an excellent indoor sport that provides physical activity, improves coordination and encourages teamwork. It’s also a good place to meet up with school friends and neighbors. 

Take a Bike Trip

Biking provides a good physical workout in the fresh air, with lots of sights to see and people to meet along the way. A little research in advance of your day trip will help you to find the safest route that avoids traffic, and don’t forget to bring helmets for bike safety. Bring a lunch or plan a stop at a local restaurant along the way. Even toddlers can come along for the ride with the right bike seat. 

Go Kayaking or Canoeing

 A day on the water can be fun for all. Even if you don’t know the right way to row, learning can be half the fun. Take turns at the oars and find out who has the most strength in your family. Learn the importance of safety on the water and find water creatures. Start small. Take a few tours with knowledgeable individuals and guides. This may open doors to more adventures in the future.

Try Scuba Diving

Your teenagers might be interested in a more adventurous activity like scuba diving. Reputable dive companies offer courses and charters to provide an exciting dive to explore the undersea world. These excursions offer a memorable family event that your kids will remember throughout their lives. Be sure to invest in high quality scuba gear to ensure everyone stays safe.

Learn How to Ice Skate

Most communities have an ice rink within driving distance, and this activity can provide a full afternoon of exercise and fun for the family. Children enjoy learning to skate, an activity they often see in books and on the internet, without understanding the skills needed to glide across the ice. Even the slips and falls can be fun on the shimmering surface. If your children end up being passionate about this activity, consider taking lessons to further your knowledge.

Enjoying activities as a family encourages your children to learn new skills and to cooperate as a group. These excursions can help to make happy memories that your family will carry with them throughout their lives. Try a few activities and see which ones your family most enjoys.

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