How to Go Camping with a Pet

Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature if the noise of the city becomes too much. It’s also a great way to bond with your pet in a more relaxed setting. Before you pack your pet into the car with your camping gear, you’ll need to make some preparations first. 

Quick Vet Visit 

A quick vet visit will ensure that your pet receives proper preparations for a long adventure out in the wilderness. Your pet is susceptible to flea and tick bites as well as soil-borne parasites. Explain to the vet about your intentions to take your pet camping and tell them which area of the country in which you’ll be camping. This will help them to narrow down the region-specific types of parasites and skin pests your pet will encounter. Your vet can provide your pet with proper vaccinations, medications, and tips regarding toxic flora that your pet should not be allowed to eat. 

Bring Toys And Snacks 

Your pet is used to a more comfortable lifestyle where food is readily available and there is a stockpile of toys at their disposal. Some pets adjust well to outdoor settings. Other pets will be scared, timid, and lethargic. To help make your pet feel more comfortable on your camping trip, bring their favorite foods and toys with you. Keep a bowl of fresh water in the tent, but be mindful of leaving food out. This will attract large and dangerous wild animals to your campsite. 

Accommodations for Indoor Pets 

Many pets, like cats, have a very difficult time adjusting to an outdoor setting. This is especially true if the pet is an exclusively indoor animal. There are many different types of dangers that your pet can encounter if it’s left to wander the campsite alone. For exclusively indoor pets, it would be wise to make proper accommodations for them by investing in a hard floor camper. This will provide them with four sturdy walls to keep them safely contained. 


There’s always a chance that your pet will run off and become lost in the wilderness. Purchasing a GPS tracker for your pet’s collar will help you locate your pet during such a distressing situation. They’re easy to attach, affordable, and waterproof. 

The most important thing to remember about this camping trip is to have fun. All of these preparations were time-consuming and arduous, so it’s vital that you ensure it was worth the effort by spending quality bonding time with your pet.

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