Ask Other Parents These Questions Before Choosing a Boarding School

Now that you have decided to send your child to a boarding school, you need to pick the right one. Touring the facility, talking with the administration and looking at the school’s offerings are a great place to start. However, nothing gives you a better understanding of what to expect than talking with parents who have kids or had kids attend the school. Ask them these questions to get a better feel for the school.

Did the School Live Up to Expectations?

What students actually experience at the school may not match up with the flashy brochure and school tour. Sports boarding schools have rigorous athletic programs in addition to academics. Ask the parents about what their student’s experience was at the school. This can help you understand any gaps between what you currently know and what your child can expect.

What Is the Ratio of Domestic vs. International Students?

Many programs have both domestic and international students at their facilities. While the influx of new cultures into the student population can help your student have a more diverse worldview and appreciation for those unlike themselves, you also want them to be surrounded by their domestic peers as well. Look for a healthy mix like Canadian Accredited Independent Schools that meet the goals you have for your child.

Why Did They Choose This School?

Obviously, one of the more important questions to ask is why they chose that particular boarding school. There are tons of options to choose from, understanding why parents chose that one can help you decide if it is the right fit for your child. The detailed answer can help you look beyond the holistic and to the granular details of the school.

What Types of Outside Activities Are There?

Since your child will be living at the school for most of the year, they won’t be spending all of their time studying or training. Ask parents what kinds of activities their child participated in to get a feel for how the weekends and school holidays play out. The school may also do additional trips, so you will want to know about those as well.

How Often Can We See Our Child?

You are sending your child away to be educated, but they are still yours. Naturally, parents want to know when they can visit and expect their kids to come home. While the school may inform you of that information, it is also a good idea to see how that actually works by asking other parents.

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