3 Popular Wedding Themes for 2020

Looking for a way to enjoy the wedding of your dreams with your future spouse? Many wonderfully creative wedding ideas have come and gone throughout the ages, but perhaps you want something truly special for your upcoming nuptials. Of course, you only plan to make one trip down the aisle together, so it makes sense that you want to make it memorable.

If you’re planning on making your relationship official in your own way, 2020 is a great year to do it. There are many exciting wedding themes popping up to celebrate love in the next decade. Many engaged couples like to decide on the wedding theme before designing, printing and mailing their wedding invitations.

Here are three popular wedding themes for loving couples to consider in 2020.

1. Desert Weddings

Desert weddings are hot in terms of temperature and popularity. If you live near the desert or don’t mind planning a destination wedding, reciting vows in a glorious desert landscape is on the rise. Nature and adventure lovers find desert weddings attractive because of the beautiful backdrop, filled with otherworldly colors.

On top of that, experts suggest putting your own spin on your arid affair. For example, choose and adjust your color scheme to complement the natural environment. Then, create a subtheme that focuses on a classic Southwestern style specific to the region, or go with a rustic bohemian wedding. The desert-based, boho-meets-Western theme is quickly becoming a top trend on Instagram and beyond.

2. Wanderlust Weddings

If you met the love of your life while ziplining your way through Costa Rica or whitewater rafting in Colorado, a wanderlust wedding theme might speak to you most. You don’t have to travel to create a wanderlust wedding to remember, but it is important to choose a natural setting that can serve as the backdrop for your theme. However, if you have the means and desire — and your friends and loved ones can make it — an epic location is a huge bonus.

Start your search locally to see what’s available in terms of attractive locations that are certain to evoke wonder from your guests. Are you familiar with any nearby rustic bridges across gentle rivers? Do you live near wooded areas or nature preserves at the base of a glorious mountain? If you met in the streets of New Delhi, maybe a wedding in an urban setting symbolizes your wanderlust. No matter what you decide, make it your own, and your guests are sure to enjoy your combined passion for love and adventure around the world.

3. Revisit the Roaring 1920s for 2020

Most people instantly imagine flapper dresses, headbands and long strings of pearls when the subject of the Roaring 1920s comes up. Imagine your wedding as an opulent scene from The Great Gatsby, minus all the tragedy of the novel. In that vein, re-create the glitz and glamour of the American Jazz Age and Prohibition-era by imagining the bridal party dressed in sequined and gold-trimmed gowns and a jazz band playing swing music while everyone dances the Charleston.

These ideas, along with so many others for 2020, offer you the chance to enjoy a memorable day with the love of your life among dear friends and family. Remember to share the special details of your big event with your guests on your wedding invitations, so they can properly plan their travel schedules, gift ideas, and appropriate clothing choices for your truly special day.


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