Sashka Co. – Gorgeous Jewelry for a Great Cause

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been unable to buy bracelets because my wrists are the size of bird wrists. They’re tiny and that’s no exaggeration. I came across Sashka Co. and their claim that their bracelet fit your wrist no matter what size it was, caught my attention. Their bracelets come in a one-size-fits-all and that’s never worked out for me, in a million years, ever. Check out their sustainable jewelry for yourself.

I ordered three different bracelets, purple and gold, matte/clear with polished black charm, and purple with a gold charm. All three were gorgeous but I fully expected I was going to have to hand them off to my older sister due to my wrists. I was pleasantly surprised when, as the company had stated, I was able to roll the bracelet on and it fit me perfectly.

Of course, I had to sit there and stare at the bracelet on my arm for a few minutes in disbelief. My mouth was hanging open and everything; was quite the cartoon depiction of surprise. For once in my adult life, I was able to add a bracelet to my jewelry collection. I have also found this sea turtle tracking bracelet that fits small wrists and they are amazing!

Sashka Co. sells glass bead jewelry, mostly bracelets, made by women in Nepal. 70% of their profit goes back to Nepal. This company allows artisans from Nepal to have the opportunity for fair trade and a chance to get out of poverty.

Some of the best artisans of Nepal work, crafting each piece of jewelry by hand, and the quality shows. The bracelets I received are gorgeous and their quality is outstanding. This is the kind of jewelry you pass on through the generations. 

The biggest excitement to me was not only the fact that I can wear a bracelet that fits me but the fact that I was supporting other women. The women who work with Sashka Co. make more than the minimum wage of the other women in their area. This is a big opportunity for them and their families which makes me that much more excited to support them. Not to mention, I get to show off the gorgeous craftsmanship and get others to support them through their wonderful company story. 



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