Masterful Bath: 4 Trends That Could Inspire Your Dream Family Bathroom

The bathroom is a room in the home that sometimes gets overlooked when you begin to remodel. It’s a room that is used by everyone in the family at some point during the day and possibly by a few guests who visit. Keep in mind some of the top trends for the year that could inspire your dream bathroom from the floor to the ceiling.

Same Color

One of the trends that you want to consider is a monochromatic design. Using shades of the same color gives a much stronger look for your bathroom than using multiple colors. White, black and gray are top choices for the year, allowing you to easily use any color of rugs, shower curtain and other details that you enjoy. The monochrome design makes it easy to paint and get all of the major components of the room instead of trying to decide what color to use on the floor and what to use on the walls.

Out of Sight

When it comes to storage, the bathroom might not seem like a room that has a lot of options. A design trend that allows for keeping everything out of sight so that you can have a clean appearance in the room is hidden storage options. Build cabinets and drawers into the wall instead of using the wall space for racks and other accessories that take up room.

Try to use the corner spaces in the bathroom for storage options as well. Another great idea is to get lovely, decorative baskets for storage and to hide your wastebasket. has some beautiful options that are both functional and decorative.

Spa-Like Sinks

A beautiful design trend that will deliver a bathroom that you want to relax in is the addition of vessel sinks that are made of stone. A plumber, like Michigan Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc., can come to the home to disconnect the old sink and ensure that water is flowing properly in the vessel sink. You can find colors for the wall and floor that match or transform the shower into a walk-in with a comfortable seat as well.

Going High-Tech

You’ve probably seen refrigerators and stoves that are moving toward a high-tech design. Now, the bathroom can follow along. Install smart lights in the ceiling with different colors that come on when you walk into the room. You can also install a digital temperature setting for the shower as well as the overall temperature of the room.

When you’re remodeling the bathroom, you might want to take into consideration a few design ideas that will bring your boring room up to date and be everything it can be for your family. Many of the latest trends allow for the personalization of the bathroom instead of utilizing a specific theme or color. The key to getting the bathroom of your dreams is to take your time finding what works for your family instead of jumping into a project that you might not like.

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